How to Launch your Startup While Working Full-time

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How to Launch your Startup While Working Full-time

So you think it’s time to launch that startup of yours?

You’re so excited and you simply can’t wait to start monetizing that passion! However, you’re not sure how to start and don’t know the things you need to make ready as you are about starting. 

In addition, you want to start while working #9to5 and the whole process of starting looks daunting.

Does this sound like you?

If yes, continue reading this article.

How to Launch your Startup While Working Full-time

Launching your startup can be exciting as well as scary, not to talk of launching your startup while working full time!


Opening an Instagram page for your business doesn’t necessarily mean you have launched your startup, however, we admire you for taking action!


How do you successfully launch a startup while working full time? Here are some of the things you need to do:

  1. Make/Start something remarkable: Please, please, and please, ensure that whatever you have in mind is something remarkable that will solve people’s problems and something they actually need. Make sure your idea is unique and problem-solving.
  2. Understand your offering so well: Also, you have chosen what you believe your target audience needs, then you need to ensure you understand what you are offering so well that if you are woken up from the sleep, you can give an adequate report of it.
  3. Know your USP: What sets your business apart from other businesses? What is your unique selling proposition that stands you out in the market? Find out what this is and use it to your advantage.
  4. Understand the legal requirements of your current job: Remember, you are working full-time, and so, you need to carefully examine the contract you signed when you were offered an employment and ensure you are not violating any law by starting your own startup on the side. Better still, get a lawyer to help you examine the contract.
  5. Create the right buyer persona: Research about who your ideal customer is and create the right buyer persona for them. 
  6. Create a business plan: Even if it is a one-page business plan or a comprehensive one; you need to have a business plan for your business. 
  7. Decide whether to get a cofounder or not: Do you need to get a co-founder? When you have a co-founder, you both share in providing the capital for the business, you share the profits, and you also share the risks. However, not everyone likes to get a co-founder, you just need to weigh your options well before deciding. If you decide to get a co-founder, ensure the person you choose is one who you can trust very well and one who is passionate about the startup.
  8. Test your idea: You can test your ideas to ensure they are what the audience needs or to learn what and what you need to modify or include in the offering. You can learn all these by creating prototypes of the product/service,  interviewing your prospects, etc.
  9. Treat it like a business: Once you have launched the business, you need to treat it like a business and not a hobby. 
  10. Think big, start small: Think big even if you have small resources now. Start small, think big.
  11. Network! Network with people and let them know what you do and how your product/service can be of help to them. Attend relevant industry events and network!
  12. Create Time: You are working full-time, which means you have some of your time dedicated to your full-time job. And so, you need to also find time for your startup. You can choose to wake up very early before work to work on your startup, and then work on it after work and during the weekends as well.
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Ayishat Amoo
Ayishat Amoo
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