Since his coming into power, President Buhari has been accused of misleading Nigerians, running down the economy and maliciously hunting his political enemies in the guise of fighting corruption. Many Nigerians in the past year have been using social media to raise their concerns on how the president has failed to keep his election campaign promises instead has brought the country’s economy to its knees for what has been called “gross incompetence of this government.”

During President Goodluck Jonathan’s reign, Nigerian Naira was exchanging with US dollar at $1 to N170 or a little above. Then, Buhari campaigned against this and promised to bring this down. However, since 2015 when he cam to power, the value of naira has continued to dwindle. Now being exchanged with dollar at $1 to N500, sometimes more.

The nations economy has been in recession, there’s been accusations of missing budget, misappropriation of public fund, lack of planning and against his promise, the president, his family and members of his government have continued to travel abroad for medical attention and for education. There’s been killing with impunity of innocent people both by; Fulani herdsmen, boko haram terrorists, and also Nigerian forces, and the president has been accused of never saying or doing anything to bring justices to the victims.

Frustration has continued to build up and Nigerians have now had enough and are finally ready to demand answers to their questions. Led by one of Nigeria’s most popular artist, Tuface Idibia, citizens are holding a planned nation wide peaceful demonstration on Monday 6th February 2017. According official letters issued by lawyers of the organisers, the citizens are expressing their 1999 constitutional rights as stated in the Section 39, 40 and 41 of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, which states, “Citizens have the right to freedom of expression, assembly, and association, and movement respectively.”

Young people mostly feel that their future has been robbed of them before their very own eyes and they’re asking questions that needs to be answered.
Below are some of the pictorial section of their questions and why the planned protest is necessary.