How to use the mind to practically solve any problem you may encounter in life

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Emeka Anyanwu

Emeka Anyanwu
How to use the mind to practically solve any problem
I’m so fascinated with the mind that one day someone asked me when I was 10: “What is the name of the book you would love to write?” “The Mind,” I replied. Till today when I visit bookshops the section I love to go to is the one emblazoned: The Mind.

The greatest tool ever given to humans is the mind. The mind is awesome that you can’t contest the fact the God lives inside us. The problem is how to use the mind to practically solve our problems in life. Let’s look at the mind in this way. The mind is made of two sections: The conscious and subconscious.

The conscious aspect of the mind helps one to travel wide and far both to the known and unknown destination. The mind can copy images and shapes into different sizes and colours. The architect that built the UBS headquarters in London conceived the idea by looking at the fin like part of the engine. This is the creative and imaginative part of our mind. It is like a telescope with powerful lenses inside.

It is said that whatever we can imagine, we can bring it to reality. Whatever we imagine exists. It is in the use of mind that Albert Einstein pointed out: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” This is awesome power. This is gift from God. Our ability to produce products and tools make us gods in our capacity. They augment our capacities. For instance planes endows us the ability to fly.

Cesar Hidalgo in his book ‘Why Information Grow,’ he said: “Reembodying our thoughts into objects is a great way of achieving exactly that, as anyone who takes the world inspiration seriously as found. Crystallizing our thoughts into tangible and digital objects is what allows us to share our thoughts with others. Otherwise, our thoughts are trapped in the prison of our minds.” Crystallizing our imagination is vital if we want to make practical use the knowledge we have in our mind.

Now the question is how do we bring it into reality?

This is where the magic is done: The subconscious. The subconscious is the mould. It is believe that whatever that is imprinted into the subconscious and emotionally acted upon is instantly brought into physical reality. To unleash this power you have to have the desire. Knowing what you want and having the willingness to go after it. It is like knowing the emotional power and the trigger button to press.

The test of this desire is in expectation. Without the expectation there is no way of truly believing you have this desire. It is said that when the Israelites were in the wilderness and they had no water, they approached Moses about the lack of water. Moses told them to pray to God. After praying for rain and there was no rain, they started to lament to Moses that God has abandoned them. It was said that Moses asked them: “Where are your ditches? If you actually want something there must be expectation. A kind of preparation to receive the thing you desired.

This involves setting a goal and having a plan. Have you got a direct and clear goal? It is said that “God cannot do anything for you for which He can do with you and through you.” This means you have to hold a clear and mental image of your goal and plans. As you visualize this goal you are generating positive vibrations that are in harmony with the frequency of the things that are your goals, plans and desires. It takes patience, determination and discipline to repeatedly to achieve this.

Obviously you got to have confidence in yourself. As doubts and fear and anxiety destroy what you want to achieve. Confidence is the secret for success. Confidence comes from self- esteem. Self -esteem are as a result of beliefs, image, values rooted in God. But the paradigm formed when you were young may militate against you. Stories and customs handed to you as a child which are still residing inside you. Definitely you got to shift this paradigm to effectively work with power inside you.

As you impress your goals and desires into the subconscious mind, they begin to attract positive things through putting the body into vibration. The story of Jim Carrey makes the point. In 1987 Jim was a bit frustrated that things were not moving well in his direction but wasn’t ready to throw in gauntlet. He did not allow the result he was getting weigh him down. He came with the idea of changing his paradigm. He wrote a cheque of $10million for himself and dated it “Thanksgiving 1995.” The cheque was stuck inside his wallet. Every time he felt irate or frustrated he would bring it out and do a form of affirmation.

Eventually he became emotionally connected with the cheque. Jim Carrey’s dream came true when he landed a role in a Hollywood movie. His expectation was exceeded. Instead of $10m he had been affirming for, he made $20m.

He did not write cheque and relax expecting magic and miracle rather, Jim went prospecting for a job. Expectation and action are important. Problem many have is that they can’t see changes with their physical eyes. For example the human body is in constant vibration but, we cannot see it. Things we can sense and see are very limited. This makes it impossible to do anything without faith. Our physical and mental powers are limited. Much of the world and universe is outside our understanding and control.

Yet we have areas where we have control, but ignorance and ineptitude prevent us from achieving huge success. We have ignorance due to partial understanding of the world and how it works. On one side is ineptitude, we got the knowledge but we fail to apply it correctly. We know how the conscious and subconscious mind works but can’t apply simple affirmations. Affirmation is a simple mental tool for achieving result. Through affirmation you impress your ideas and plans into the subconscious mind which will affect your behaviours and actions.

If the result you are getting is not what you want, you can change it through the conscious part of your mind. Never concentrate on the negative result you already have. What many do is that they concentrate on the negative results they’re currently seeing and therefore they continue to repeat themselves. The right thing to do is to create on a new idea of what you want. It is like going into a new clean sheet of paper and writing out what you want. That very idea or image of what you want has to be implanted into the subconscious mind and you see the new result reflecting what you want. Behold the old things will pass away, a new chapter has begun.