Rihanna’s Fenty Savage X lingerie launches on 11th May.

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It’s confirmed. On May 11th, music princess Rihanna launches her new lingerie brand, Savage X. And we are super excited and ready!
10 days to go —

The globally renowned Barbadian singer has since last year proven to be a force in the fashion and beauty industry as she dorminated the market with her Fenty beauty making unprecedented sales without compromising her promise on diversity and inclusivity.
Riri has her fans on edge again as she has again revealed her to be launched lingerie is all about body confidence, celebrating all body sizes.
On the website – savagex.com where fans are to sign up for updates on the release, when prompted to enter your email, you’re also asked to enter your bra and underwear size. The list of options ranging from 32A to 44DDD for bras and XS to 3X in undies. “Other” is also an option in both categories.

Few weeks ago Riri in her naugthy girls tact took to social media to announce the release showing us a sneak peak of what’s to come.
She wrote: “we bout to light this up sis!!🔥 … introducing @SAVAGEXFENTY lingerie coming soon. sign up now at SAVAGEX.com !!,”

Although fans are already excited to pay their hands on the collection come 11th May, however some have shown a bit of worry that the song bird isnt yet realesing any songs yet.

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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