Exciting news everyone! C. Hub Magazine will be featuring 30 creative influencers under 30 who have made an impact through what they have done in their various fields.

Don’t you just love that?

First in this series, we will be featuring Constance Ama O’wusu-waah, the CEO of Wusuwaah’s Diary, an African Fashion brand.

Ama Wusuwaah- 29 years old

C.HUB Magazine 30 Creative Influencers Under 30, 2017: Meet Ama Wusuwaah (29); CEO, Wusuwaah’s Diary


Constance Ama O’wusu-waah who prefers to be called ‘Wusuwaah’ is an African fashion designer/stylist who was born in Accra the capital of Ghana, raised and living in Belgium. 

After studying art & graphics at Saint-Lucas College she trained at the fashion design department at Syntra of Brussels Uccle and ended her European studies at London School Of Art in London.

She then furthered her studies in fashion practical homeschooling course in Ghana.

She has been working on her own label called ‘Wusuwaah’s Diary’ since 2011. Which she mostly designs and makes in both Belgium and Ghana.

Wusuwaah’s Diary garments are a mix of precision and creativity with a unique style, a fusion of art and beauty.

These inconstant and unpredictable label aims to dress women and men who are seeking for exciting garments with African touches. “Creating fashionable looks which are pure statement”.

Wusuwaah says she represents all the determined people out there who know what they are about. Her ups and downs through her life so far have been her key motivation.

With her experiences as a stylist, a fashion designer, well-known daring personality and being a public figure, she has been a source of inspiration to others.

Like some talented people, she humbles herself always, especially to learn something new whenever she gets the chance to and acknowledges it all into her fashion brand – ‘Wusuwaah’s Diary’; her very own personal view of Westerners culture mixed with African fashion. ‘Fusion’.

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Facebook: Ama Wusuwaah

Instagram: @wusuwaah