C. Hub Magazine 30 Creative Influencers Under 30, 2017 (8): Meet Moses Omoghena

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Moses Omoghena

Meet Moses Omoghena, at number 8 on the C. Hub Magazine 30 creative influencers under 30. He is  presently the Head of Creative Content at TECNO Mobile Nigeria.

Moses is a creative influence who is passionate about social justice, the media, and making an impact.

Enjoy this interview!

Moses Onoshoze Omoghena was born on the 6th of February 1988 to a single mother and two amazing grandparents who raised him in love and discipline.

He describes himself as a “Communications Freak” but professionally, he is a Broadcast Journalist; a Creative Brand Expert/Writer; Producer and a Social/Civil Activist. He started working in the media as a volunteer at the age of 16 but professionally in 2009. He used to speak and read in church from the age of 6 as a child lector.

He holds a BA in Communications Art from the University of Benin, although he initially wanted to study Law for the wrong reasons.

Moses was made a News Anchor in January 2013 at the age of 24 by his former boss Mr. Tunde Osho, who kept telling him he has a “rare talent”; this made him the youngest professional News Anchor in Africa on an international network. However, he was later demoted and stopped from anchoring the news by management because he was told he had a “baby face”. He was made to anchor and present programmes that were “youth-inclined” and issues that were considered “suitable” for his age.

Moses also has an uncanny passion for Social issues; Civil Liberties and Human Rights. His write-ups have been published severally on various tabloids notably are the Punch Dailies in Nigeria and Ikenga Chronicles in the United Kingdom.

On the 18th of June 2016; he resigned from TVC News Africa, and now he is currently the Creative Content Head at TECNO Mobile Nigeria.

What is your inspiration?

Truth be told I think the very nature of my background and upbringing has been my biggest inspiration. The feeling of “lack” or “insufficiency” has been a big inspiration for me never to feel that way again! Growing up was not only financially tough but equally emotionally and psychologically painful. I remember feeling weird and sad when my cousins or classmates will parade all the gifts their “daddies” and “mummies” bought them during vacation; as much as I was pained by it I was never bitter towards my mum and grannies because I knew that they gave me all they could offer. This in itself made me resolve that I will be a success in whatever I find myself doing and be the best at what I choose to lay my hands because I never ever wanted to have a feeling of “lack” or “insufficiency” ever again!

Could you describe what you do, your role?

I am currently the Creative Content Head for TECNO Mobile Nigeria.

My team and I creatively design Advert Copies; Brand strategies and Campaigns; Media scheduling; Video/Photography shoots and productions and EPR articles (electronic public relations) for TECNO brands and products across Nigeria.

At 40 what do you hope to achieve?

At 40 I would be owning and airing a syndicated talk show that discusses untold facts and issues about our society; particularly issues that directly affect the youths and younger generations of Nigeria and Africa. I would like to be known and described as the most controversial; inspiring and successfully Talk Show Host this continent has ever seen. I would be running my own communications industry as well. May it be done to me according to my words…Amen.

5 years back did you see yourself where you are today?

Honestly no! This is not exactly how I planned it; I never for once thought I would be doing anything else than being a journalist but I am grateful for the opportunity that God and life throws on my way as a learning curve because I have come to figure that when things seem to work against me; they are in fact working for me. I have learnt unimaginable things in the Corporate Communications sector that I never had a clue about. And I kept asking myself how in the world was I going to be a successful CEO of a communications industry without a robust knowledge of how the corporate world of communication works? How would I have successfully run my company without knowing the rudiments; the game and strategies of the big sharks and the big shots of the various agencies?

All I have to say at this juncture is I’m on my way; not exactly the route I had planned initially but I’m definitely on the right journey. Let’s just say that Christ is taking the wheels here.

Who is your role model?

Do you even need to ask? Lol…Oprah Winfrey and Pierce Morgan have always done it for me as a perfect mix. I feel that if I have the emotional empathy of Oprah and the straight forward blunt strategy of Pierce; I believe I would be unstoppable lol.

Oprah inspires me a little more because of her evergreen passion for the humanities and self-growth. I want to do for Nigeria for Oprah did for the Americans using the media as a tool and a platform for changing and inspiring lives.

What is fascinating about your job?

Th very nature of it which is a deep sense and ball of CREATIVITY!!! This tickle and gets me excited about it. Naturally, I hate being put in a box, so a job that allows me to put a “Rockstar” in a Convent is just amazing! Lol if you know what I mean. (although not that crazy).

Also, the range of professionals I get to meet and work with during the campaign periods is also very uplifting.

What can you tell young people who are still struggling to find their vision?

This is a very interesting question because just a few days ago I was opportuned to be a part of a mentorship outreach with a couple of friends and in the course of my discussion with some of the mentees, I was amazed that a lot of people even in their 40s still do not know what they really want to do or what they’re truly passionate about. I was deeply pained by this but then I understood that sometimes the reality hits you so hard that you really just want to survive and then you stop living in the process. This being said, finding your true purpose here on earth is the biggest achievement anyone could ever have; knowing what your passion is and living it is a true blessing to one’s soul.

For young people who are still struggling with this; you need to stop and think and reflect on where you started; where you are now and where you want to be. The vehicle and means of getting you to where you want to be are most likely what you’re passionate about. What do you enjoy doing the most? If you were not going to be paid doing it would you continue doing it? Do you find it exhausting and depressing? Or do you find it exhausting and exciting at the same time? Are you talented and skilled for it? How can I make it both beneficial to me and to others?

I understand that sometimes tough choices and decisions must be made where you have to put your passion on hold and do something you’re not so passionate about because you need to pay the bills; this is okay BUT you need to make your soul a promise that this shift is only temporal and that you will be back to do what you were born to do.

Where can one find you?

Facebook: Holy Moses or omoghenamoses@gmail.com

Instagram: @holymoziz

Twitter: @HolyMozeez

Email: omoghenamoses@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Omoghena Moses Onoshoze.


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