C. Hub Magazine 30 Creative Influencers Under 30, 2017 (9): Meet Eddie Resphanto – 29 years old

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C. Hub Magazine 30 Creative Influencers Under 30, 2017 (9): Meet Eddie Resphanto - 29 years old

Eddie Resphanto

In this interview, Eddie Resphanto, the Co-Founder of Musicatloud, LLC  who is passionate about the development of Africa, spoke to Ayishat Amoo about his journey and vision.

Enjoy this interview!

Meet Eddie Resphanto, 29 years old.

Eddie Resphanto is the Co-Founder, Musicatloud, LLC. A dedicated platform that communicates a redefined approach to entertainment business and its industry, thereby bridging the gap between business investors, potentials and industry professionals around Africa and in diaspora.

It also offers an all round entertainment services such as; Talent Development & Management, Talent Discovery & Exhibition, Music production, Video production,  Media Promotion, Content Creation, Publishing, Copyrights, Marketing Distributions, Events, Tours and Outsourcing Endorsements Deals.

He is a Creative Brand Expert, an Entrepreneur, and a Business Developer, centered in the areas of Strategic Planning, Building & Structuring, Marketing Executions and Implementations of Business ideas starting from blue-chips. He is also a Media Expert, Brand/Talent Manager, Promoter, Event Planner and a Campaign Strategist.

In addition, Eddie is a Business Broker and he also operates a premier business-to-business service company known as Brokes & Banter, specializing in connecting business operations between individuals, organizations and companies on a local and international level.

He recently led a successful campaign with his team for The Sickle Cell Save One Campaign that was aimed at giving free treatment to 100 sickle cell patients experiencing current crisis by Drsicklecell.ng , a dedicated healthcare service that proffers a very effective treatment/cure for sickle cell anemia.

He operates in different walks of life, spanning 4 industries at the moment, which includes Entertainment, Healthcare, and Technology and Commerce industry. Most importantly, he has an endearing passion for the future of the African youths and for Africa as a Continent.

C. Hub Magazine 30 Creative Influencers Under 30, 2017 (9): Meet Eddie Resphanto - 29 years old

Eddie Resphanto

What is your inspiration?

I would be so delighted to tell you my story. As a child, I was known to be very playful and inquisitive. At the age of 8, out of curiosity, I built a self-made formicarium and placed an ant colony of about 60-80 ant workers. Each time I came back from school, I would watch them closely and study their organizational skills and activities, how they worked together by gathering food into their holes and how they communicated as well.

Sometimes, I would express my feelings to them not even expecting a response, how was I suppose to know, when they actually made no sound. *smiles*

A few years later, during one of my dedicated times for personal development, I decided to look back at those characteristics I portrayed as a child that could relate to my present stage in life for proper development and plan executions.

Then I found out that unknowingly to me as a little boy, I actually had ants as pet while growing up and realized that, what I am today were part of the lessons I learnt from those very little creatures whom lived in a huge world where they only have to defend what they truly couldn’t defend but still could organize and take down even the mightiest the world could ever have.

Despite the saying “You work like an elephant and eat like an ant” The knowledge I gained as a child from this very little creatures was that “You can actually work like an ant and eat like an elephant“.

However, I would say I got my inspiration from the Ants but my very huge source of inspiration comes from God’s direction and nature.

I am also inspired by great works of people with purpose and visions of transforming Africa and making the world a better place.

Could you describe what you do, your role?

I am a Creative Brand Expert and a Serial Entrepreneur who operates in different walks of life, spanning four (4) industries at the moment, which includes Entertainment, Healthcare, Technology, and Commerce industry. My roles are determinant on any of these industries;

For the Entertainment sector, I play major roles in

  • Talent Scouting
  • Talent Development/Management
  • Content Creating
  • Events/Tour Planning
  • Media Planning/Promotion

However, as the key Founder of Musicatloud LLC, my ultimate goal is to redefine the approach of Entertainment in Africa through creating unimaginable creative contents for business investments.

For the Healthcare sector, I operate within a platform whose groundbreaking herbal medicines effectively treats/cures sickle cell anemia, I occupy the roles of;

  • Director of Operations on partnerships, campaigns, and marketing.
  • Head of Development on running healthcare services through modern technology.

For the Tech sector, as a business developer, I have set up a dedicated team of determined and brilliant minds whose sole agenda is to build tech startups from the ground up, providing assistance in areas such as;

  • Blueprint Layouts.
  • Business Planning
  • Development & Implementations
  • Branding
  • Structuring ROI Plans
  • Executing marketing plans and strategies etc.

My role also as a Creative brand expert solely depends on the sector and industry I work in. My responsibilities are, but not limited to:

  • Brand development; building traffic and growth for businesses, drafting blueprint, and business layouts and executing.
  • Content creation and generating ideas to offer better ways of creating and redefining approaches to solving economic problems.
  • Developing and implementing structural ways to improving public and social engagements using digital media.
  • Organizing events, tours, competitions, press conferences & media briefing, liaising with media and handling interviews to represent key players in any industry.
  • Orchestrating meetings with Creative directors, Sales rep, Advertising agencies and providing effective corporate communications and marketing strategies.
  • Organizing development and promotional plans for talents and outsourcing endorsement deals.
  • Creating and arranging a platform for business owners and managers to showcase their business, goods or services for a more instant and effective sale.
  • Creating and scouting for investment opportunities.Creating and organizing campaigns for social, non-governmental and governmental organizations.
C. Hub Magazine 30 Creative Influencers Under 30, 2017 (9): Meet Eddie Resphanto - 29 years old

Eddie Resphanto

At 40 what do you hope to achieve?

Well, I kicked off a 10-year plan at the age of 23, which I can fervently boast of achieving several milestones in the last five (5) years.

Therefore, At 40, I hope to have achieved witnessing myself being a voice in Africa, a Big Business Mogul and also owning the largest entertainment Network in Africa, a platform that would communicate a redefined approach to entertainment business thereby bridging the gap between business investors, potentials and industry professionals around Africa and in diaspora. At the moment, I am partnering with a whole lot of individuals and organizations in different sectors, at all levels in Africa and around the world.

Meanwhile, I realized that I could actually predict my future and work towards it, I have seen it working out fine despite its ups and downs. I am currently going through a phase in my life that has to do with divine directions at every point in time in my life. Moreover, where I am today is not a surprise to me because I had always tried to find out the purpose and reason for everything that happened in my life.

Perhaps, this might have led me to gathering and creating a journal about my life experience on how I found my way to greatness. I apparently called this journal #JustBeforeTheFuture which is indeed a pile-up of a step by step process of how I saw and predicted my journey before the future. if you like my page on Facebook “Eddie Resphanto” you might at least want to follow up to get some insights.

Funny enough, C.hub Magazine has come to play an awesome role in my life now, therefore, this journal will automatically feature you guys in the next chapter I am titling “Spotted”, not for anything but because you guys indeed became an amazing experience on my journey to the future. Thanks for being a part of my journey.

Basically, for those curious minds like mine reading this piece. If you must know, #JustBeforeTheFuture is a series of inspirational and motivational collections of my life experiences on how I saw myself become great in future and worked towards it to make it come through. It is also a social campaign for greatness, that is aimed at inspiring the average African youth and the future generations with my core message guild-line by Abraham Lincoln that says “To predict your future, you have to create it“.

Also as part of my achievement by 40, I look forward to publishing #JustBeforeTheFuture as a book and launching it as a social campaign for greatness.

Five (5) years back did you see yourself where you are today?

I think it might interest you to know that, I actually did.

Five (5) years ago, I saw myself exactly where I am right now so I worked vigorously to actually make this happen. (Trust me, it is not as easy as it sounds)

At 22, I knew it was going to take me Ten (10) years to achieve what has already started happening today so I decided to start the race a bit early. I had no single idea how I was going to do it, but the truth is that I just kicked off and followed every vision I saw while moving. Today I’m grateful for believing in that inner voice that said “go for it” and for Dane Medussa, my friend, business partner, and associate who has always motivated me to keep doing the doings that I always did *chuckles*

Tell us more about your journey.

I am an ambitious person and in life, I have been through thick and thin.

But trust me, my story is not different from the stories of other successful people. Like I would always say “For the fact that I Thank God every day even for the things I have not seen, I will go far” that I know.

So far so good, 2016 marked the half of my 10-year plan with series of milestones achieved and 2017 marks the beginning of the other half and I am already been featured on C.Hub Magazine 30 creative influencers under 30? Believe me, I am still on the move…

Perhaps, I would love to borrow this quote from Adedoyin Jaiyesimi, Founder of The Sparkle Writer’s Hub to summarize this as the best description for the narrative of my journey which I’d re-quote her in my own words.

After I received an inspiration from God in 2012. He gave me the name, the plan, the right team and the vision and I just ran with it. The journey has never been a smooth one but it has been very fulfilling.

What we have been able to impact within a short time still amazes me. I learn every move as I go on this journey. There are things I have done that have not worked but I simply got back to the blueprint, received instruction from God and I reordered my steps. I’m grateful for the progressive efforts I have made so far, the journey just began.

Who is your role model?

Apparently, I model anyone who has made a huge impact in life because I am a bit of every great and successful people. Maybe those whom I am close to or been in contact with, but most especially I model those who stamped their footprints on the sands of time. Names too long to mention.

What is your career highlight so far?

  • Being appointed as Coordinator for the 4th edition of The Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards in 2013.
  • Successfully organized a modeling competition, Face Of MaL recording over 5,000 entries in 2013.
  • Selected to work with the Pan-African Film Development Awards held in Dar salaam, Tanzania by The African Film Consortium.
  • Hosted my first celebrity hangout event in partnership with Rainbow 94.1FM & Club Vegas in 2014.
  • Organized the maiden edition of Music Experience event at the SilverBird Galleria, for Celebrity Bookings Nigeria in 2015,
  • Successfully creating and implementing a social media strategy for the Drsicklecell.ng #SaveOne Campaign, a free treatment for 100 sickle cell patients experiencing crisis in 2016.
  • And recently, was appointed to work with a Liberian Presidential Candidate for the 2017 General and Presidential Election in areas of Campaign Strategies and Diplomatic Operations.

What is fascinating about your job?

I’d say travelling, meeting people & mixing up, learning different cultures, sharing business ideas, being opened to investment opportunities, implementing my strategies and seeing it work. (That’s one of my best parts)

What fascinates me the most is getting emails from established platforms with paid offers for me to be a part of their development process and most of all, my passions and ideas aiding their process and positively increasing their bottom-line.

What can you tell young people who are still struggling to find their vision?

Let me start by saying this; Two (2) months ago I was opportune to be part of a closed door meeting with a Nigerian Ex-President and he said something that really amazed me, and I quote in his own words “it is the duty of Nigerians to ensure that there is peace in the whole Africa“. Now that’s huge.

Let me rephrase his quote to the best of your understanding and direct it to every other Africans still struggling to find their vision. This literally means that as an ordinary individual, first, you must have in mind that you have a mission to accomplish. (Forget about what the mission is or might be) this is you just trying to create a mindset.

Once you have that in mind, the next thing is to find a vision which I know can be quite difficult to find (but I will give you an easy route to find your way) Build your passion by simply seeking for ways out to create solutions to solve economic problems within and outside your community.

Apparently, this gives you a sense of belonging in other to make a positive impact. Automatically in the process of doing of doing all of that, you’d see your hidden gift and talent showcasing itself on its own. But most importantly, I’d say believe in yourself, and in God, surround yourself with positive minds/thinkers/people, associate with people who are steps ahead of you in life, never stop learning, always admire and protect nature, work smart, create time to have fun with your business partners. If you are a Christian always say the Lord’s prayer.

Always remember that your vision drives your mission in achieving your set goal. Just like I’d always tell Zeekels Yenkren, an exclusive Rap artist under our management, who is gradually beginning to make waves in Africa, the moment he wants to get on stage or probably get into the studio to take his recordings.

I whisper to him saying “Hey yo! This is the mission, so get in, get it done, get it done well and get out!” and he replies “Yenkren“. *Chuckles* now that’s what I call Belief!

C.hub Magazine thanks for having me on your platform. I feel so delighted! to be featured and I sincerely appreciate.

Where can one find you?

Facebook: Eddie Resphanto

Instagram: @Eddieresphanto

Twitter: @Resphanto

Website: www.musicatloudHQ.net

Ayishat Amoo
Ayishat Amoo
Ayishat Amoo is a Christ follower who is passionate about encouraging people, and motivating people to be better. She is a voracious reader, researcher, as well as a fashion enthusiast.