5 Marketing Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Avoid

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5 Marketing Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Avoid

Marketing is an Important Activity in any business.

It is very simple; if you don’t tell people what you do or what you are offering, they won’t know about it.

If they don’t know about what you are offering, they won’t patronize you.

Now you can see how marketing is important?

What is Marketing?

Marketing is simply the act of promoting your business or services.

Every business owner needs to learn how to effectively promote his or her business.

As much as marketing is an important activity, it is also important to get it right. There is no point in marketing a product if it is the wrong kind of marketing. It leads to one thing – loss of resources.

How do entrepreneurs then ensure they get their marketing right?

It is by avoiding some of the mistakes below:

1. Leaving Marketing to the Marketing Department: Do not do this. Marketing might be the major responsibility of the marketing department, but it is also the responsibility of everyone working in a particular establishment to understand how to market the company’s products and services. Imagine if a prospect comes across your driver and ask him about one of your products and he can’t even say anything helpful, then the prospect might begin to wonder if the people in the company or establishment know much about where they are working.


2. Cutting your Marketing Budget: You shouldn’t cut down your marketing budget except in dire cases. Your marketing and advertising budget are what help you get your goods and services out there to the right audience. Why cut it?


3. Advertising on false Promises: it is very easy to get more customers based on false promises, however, it is impossible to retain customers based on false promises. And so, when advertising, ensure you give accurate facts and not deceive your audience.


4. Marketing only online without marketing offline: Avoid this. Ensure you make your offline marketing is active, just the way you make your online marketing is active. Two of them should be in sync.


5. Not Measuring your Marketing Efforts: it is impossible to understand what works without looking at what you have done to find out. For instance, if you created some online campaign for a particular product, then it is important to also find out if the campaign was effective or not. If it was effective, then you know that you can repeat among the things you did for the campaign. However, if it didn’t work then you have learnt a lesson and you will not repeat that in another campaign next time.


What are some of the marketing mistakes entrepreneurs need to avoid? Kindly drop your comments below, we would like to hear from you.


Ayishat Amoo
Ayishat Amoo
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