Stormzy clarifies XFactor performance with Labrinth, apologises to MNEK

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Stormzy at Xfactor Screenshot (c) The XFactor

Stormzy at Xfactor Screenshot (c) The XFactor

The ‘Blinded By Grace’ singer, has taken to twitter to clarify why he didn’t perform with mate, MNEK who laid down the original vocal, instead invited star Labrinth.

In series of tweets, the star apologises to MNEK for the confusion, he tweeted;

“Gonna quickly clear up yesterday’s situation with @MNEK not performing with me on The XFactor

First and foremost, MNEK is my bro and someone I HIGHLY respect and what he done on the song is unmatched.

We created some special moments when we performed BBYG Pt.2 @Westfields and on the live lounge and with this campaign I’ll be having …

quite a few TV moments where I’ll be performing the song and saw this as an opportunity to present it in different ways…

and present it in different formats hence why I invited Lab to join me as a special guest.

I spoke to my team a while back and told them to make M and his team aware of the plan because I didn’t want any miscommunication.

He then also tweeted the screen shot of his chat with his team about the decision.
He also went on to say, “I’ll be performing on The Jonathan Ross show with him and there was never ever, ever any sort of malice or disrespect intended
and I can fully, fully understand why that looks FOUL. Fully understand. I would feel exactly the same so my apologises brother.

I’ve spoken to M personally and let him know it’s a major communication f*** up on my team’s side and I fully understand how things may look. And disrespect and slyness is never my angle so sincere apologies to M and his team, never any disrespect intended.”

The Grime star made his The XFactor debut winning over viewers and audience with what we can call one of the most meaningful lyrics in music in recent times, presented in such a super creative manner by himself and Labyrinth.

The song ‘Blinded By Hi Grace’ is such a powerful song that many would relate to. Listening to it and finally getting the full lyrics brought tears in my eyes. Hope you too can relate.

One time for the Lord
And one time for the chorus
And one round of applause
One time for Fraser T Smith on the chords.

I’m blinded by your grace
I’m blinded by your grace, by your grace
I’m blinded by your, I’m blinded by your grace

You came and saved me
Lord I’ve been broken
Although I’m not worthy
You fixed me, now I’m blinded by your grace
You came to save.

I feel we got one.
I stay prayed up then I get
the job done
Yeah I’m Abigail’s yout, but
I’m God’s son.

But I’m up now, look at what God’s done
Nah real talk, look at what God did.

On the main stage runnin’
’round topless
Phone Flipz and I tell him
that he got this

This is God’s plan, they can’t stop this – like wait right there, can you stop my verse?/
You saved this kid and I’m not your first

It’s not by blood and it’s not by birth.
But oh my God what a God I serve

Lord I’ve been broken.
Although I’m not worthy
You fixed me, now I’m blinded by your grace.

I said a prayer this morning
I prayed I would find the way to another day I was so afraid
‘Till you came and saved me

And the rain was pouring
‘Cause the sun faded away
Now I’m in a better place
No longer afraid.

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