Labour Party Shuts down Critics with a Rousing First Music Festival.

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Thousands attend Labour Live 2018.

UK’s left wing socialist Labour party makes history as it becomes first ever Britains political party to hold a music festival. Mixing music and politics, the event dubbed Labour Live drew thousands of men, women, young and old as they dance to music and lisyen to speeches.
Thousands attend Labour Live 2018.
Despite the huge critics from the mainsstream UK media and the squabbles within the party leadership on stances with Brexit, the Labour Live still proved successful with over 13,500 enthused attendees enjoy the excitement of the day.
Quashing the right wing smear media and sneering from ‘Tory trolls’, one Labour Live goer tweets,
“Ok well there’s already 50 times more people in a single tent at Labour Live than made it to the whole of Tory Glastonbury last year. 😂🍺🤗 #LabourLive you are winning! #JC4PM ”

Another user wrote,
“Disaster they said
Embarrassing they said
No tickets sold they said


Labour’s Jones Owen tweeted,

“They said Labour Live wouldn’t work. They sneered at it. They mocked it.

Thousands came, listened to music, heard speeches, discussed politics and will leave inspired.

Share this photo everywhere to show the naysayers were wrong. #labourlive”

It was not all good for the image of the party and the show, as you would expect in a democratic political gathering, a handful of young labour members used the opportunity to make their views known demanding that the party stop backing brexit.
Labour Live 2018

So far, Labour and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn has had another win to their belt.

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