Fashion fair cosmetics another pioneer brand pushed out of market.

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Fashion Fair Cosmetics in liquidation

Something is definitely going on at Fashion fair cosmetics. Every indication points that Fashion fair cosmetics in has gone into administration.

Speculations began since early summer this year when it appeared like the cosmetic brand was disappearing from department stores here in UK and in US. The brand began pulling back in restocking their products in shops which sparked the speculations.

Ladies, I can tell you it’s no longer speculation. It’s true Fashion Fair Cosmetics is gone. I can categorically confirm that Fashion Fair has gone into administration. While the UK website has now completely shut down, the US website is no longer restocking or processing purchases.

Last night, a tweet went out from the brands UK official handle confirming the brand has gone into administration. The tweet reads, “The Fashion Fair business has been in administration since the beginning of the year. It has failed to pay its staff , the tax man and plenty of suppliers. They can’t even legally go bankrupt. Don’t believe a word they say!”

Seeing this tweet, I quickly made a follow up to alert the brand in case their account has been hijacked. But I was wrong. a quick check shows the brand last posted on their social media – Twitter and Instagram on 18th July.

A staff who does not want to named also told our source echoes what the last night tweet had released.

“The company has gone into liquidation, Fashion fair is no longer on shop floors in the UK. The company shut down this year and all staff have left and are fighting for their pay.”

Fashion Fair Cosmetics in liquidation
Fashion fair was launched in 1973, and was named after the fashion show that inspired it, pioneering the first cosmetic brand to target women of colour. The feminine pink packaging made it a desired brand for women at the time, and also made huge success with high-end department stores. Founded by Johnson publishing a Chicago owned business which published Ebony magazine. The brand continued to expand by introducing skincare, perfumes and other body care products that continued to address issues of Black women.

I personally grew a nostalgic attachment to the brand having seen my mum and aunties use the products at a young age. It used to be a sign of being a big girl for any lady to have the pink ‘pancake’ pressed foundation. I think my uncles in the US used to bring them for my mum and aunties in the 80s when I was about 6 years old. And that loyalty and respect has since been there for the brand. I will definitely miss Fashion Fair.

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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