Businesses Born In Covid- New Fashion Brands Set To Replace Britain’s Dying High Street Amidst Covid Havoc.

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  • Bold and Brave Entrepreneurs With New Ideas To Replace Britain’s Dying High Street, And Offer Better Options. 

With the increasing decline of the high street retail and fashion brands, smaller brands and businesses are beginning to fill up that gap. A phenomenon which has been on a steady and gradual slope since the last 5 to 10 years mostly because of increasing business rates and inflation,  and has only exponentially taken a nosedive with the continued change in lifestyle – more and more people embracing internet shopping and stiff competition from cheap fast-fashion retailers. Now exacerbated by covid 19 disruptions, brave and creative entrepreneurs are stepping in to inject new ideas and brands into the market, to replace or offer shoppers better and a variety of options. 

In this article, C. Hub magazine shines a light on these 4 outstanding brands, sure to offer that new taste into the UK’s fashion and shopping lifestyle.

Udara London 

Udara London, office edit collection.

With the tag-line, premium for less, Udara London is positioned as London’s local online fashion and lifestyle store, selling premium and designer products at affordable prices, with the busy professional woman and her family in mind. 

Cutting off middlemen, Udara London deals directly and partners with designers from around the world, making it London’s go-to affordable luxury local online fashion retailer, easily and conveniently accessible with a click of a finger.

Launched during the covid 19 pandemic lockdown, Udara London offers shoppers a wide range of fashionable, classic and quality fashion and accessories for both men, women, and children; for every occasion. From genuine leather bags to tailored dresses, suits, shirts, office wear, smart casual clothes, jewellery and slow fashion designer clothing inspired by different cultures. 

Sourcing the highest quality items from independent and upcoming designers from around the world, the retailer focuses greatly on ethical and sustainable practises.

Founded by husband and wife, the online fashion store was launched to offer solutions for the long-time designer partners at the flagship Divas of Colour Festival which is a part of the company’s group.

Baby Boosa

The gorgeous, stylish and sustainable baby and toddler brand, Baby Boosa, was launched during the cove 19  lockdown whilst the founder, Mira was on maternity leave with her newborn and a 4-year-old. 

Baby Boosa, creates stylish, sustainable and soft baby and toddler weaning and toy collections with parents, the planet and play in mind. Their practical pieces are designed to suit parents’ lifestyle whilst keeping little ones on-trend. 

This eco-conscious brand is committed to sustainability. Every single Baby Boosa product has been thoughtfully designed to arrive packaged in a reusable storage bag to avoid the unnecessary use of single-use plastic packaging at any point from the factory floor to your door. This multifunctional bag can be used to store items in, organise your cupboards or even wash your delicates in.


  • Waging the Bra ‘war’ for women is Nudea There’s Care In Comfort.
  • Focusing on Comfort, Convenience and  Fitting, Nudea creates gorgeous Styles of recycled Fibres and covering 43 Sizes – A To GG.
Nudea’s wire-free bralettes

We’ve all been mostly at home for a year now and, in that time, we’ve all come to realise that comfort is all-important and that idea of getting home from work and taking your bra off as soon as you’re through the door is now simply a thing of the past. This is precisely why Nudea’s wire-free bralettes became (and remain) the brand’s best-seller. Nudea’s new collection of ‘Easy Does It’ bralettes made from recycled Italian lace is available in sizes ranging from 30A-38E, with a new non-wired Bralette in sizes F-GG cups launched in May 2021, offering clever support through the technological fabric and seam-free construction. 

The ultimate in convenience, Nudea offers shoppers the chance for a bra fitting without leaving their homes, the brand’s trademarked Fit Tape and Virtual Bra Fittings have all been custom-designed for simple, accurate self-measurement at home to ensure the best fit every time. 

As nobody had been able to have a face-to-face bra fitting in almost a year now, online Nudea created a Fit Tape which allows for accurate, hands-free fitting at home.

Nudea founders, Priya Downes and Sophie Morgenthaler were uninspired by the uncomfortable and old fashioned bras that they found in their underwear drawers, so they decided to envision their own brand that was built around the modern woman and her lifestyle. And so Nudea was born. With no overhyped technology, no simplifying design and no shortcuts, Nudea brings together the best of modern fabric and production techniques to engineer better underwear.

LJ Signature 

The luxury headscarf and nightwear co-ord is designed by women for women. LJ Signature collections are about the fusion of tailored, comfortable nightwear with a coordinated headscarf. 

Founded by two businesswomen, cousins, Lisa and Jacqueline during the covid 19 lockdowns. Their story is quite fascinating and I’m sure one, every Black Woman will relate to. One of the world’s best kept open secrets is that, for black women, it’s a must to make sure your hair stays in place if you ever want to have your hold down a style and look impeccable the next day. It’s a ritual to ensure your hair is neatly and carefully packed and covered before sleep. as it’s the case with Lisa who knows protecting her hair is a daily schedule.

Every Black woman who has ever had to wrap her hair at her boyfriend’s knows it’s not enough to just cover your hair. You have to also make it spark some fire. If Lisa had been pretending about this, it was not to go unnoticed, not while we were all locked in with our spouses.  Lisa’s husband had joked that her headscarf never matched her nightwear, which was the aha moment for Lisa.

The need, the joke, the spark and an already talent in the wait, all collided and LJ signature was born. The talent in waiting to be Jacqueline who had been a fashion designer, never in her plans to design nightwear and headscarf, found she had a new idea to pursue.

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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