Somber Reflections As Nigerians Mourn on the Country’s 61st Independence.

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After 61 years of independence it dawns on Nigerians that the nation had only been a killing hotspur. Especially the events of the recent years and months which still remains raw in the minds of the new generation Nigerians who thought they could spark the revolution to making their country great again.

But hardly so, as they met and saw with their own eyes what they called ‘state sanctioned massacre of youths.

For decades Nigerians had been known to be one of the most vibrant people on earth. Nigerian vibe is unmistakable. Anywhere you meet a Nigerian you would know in an instant that you’ve met a Nigeria. Nigeria’s independence is proudly and elaborately celebrate all over the world wherever Nigerians are. It doesnt matter if they were two or hundred.

Sadly, for the first time, the world have witnessed a sober Nigeria independence where ordinary citizens could not bring themselves to celebrate what they now see as failed state. A nation that continues to kill both talent and life.

Young Nigerians are visibly hurt as they share bloodied Nigeria flags, recounting the events of last year during the #EndSARS campaign where the Nigeria military allegedly shot into the crowds of peaceful protesters killing scores. Friends, families, comrades recount their pain and sharing and naming their fallen loved ones, the heroes of this age.

It’s quite unfortunate to note that the current president of Nigeria Mr Muhammad Buhari was elected on the premise that he was experienced in security and efficient in battling terrorism and insecurity. Instead sadly, Nigerians are left to regret the decision to elect a covert and now overt dictator who is neither capable of fighting terror nor has an experience in what governance and democracy is all about. Nigerians are witnessing the most reckless, nonchalant, heartless, ignorant and bigoted dictator Nigeria has ever seen. Nigeria has never been so divided, so disorganised, so tragic, and so unsafe.

Gradually has become a lawless nation where kidnappings, killings, assassinations have become a daily occurrence. Where there’s been such a disconnect between the citizens and the government. Where the Nigerian vibe turns to pain and misery. Nigerians are in so much pain that no one is even eager to mention independence.

what a shame? After 61 years of independence Nigeria seem to be in search for the next colonial master. All credit yo Mr No Intergrity – President M Buhari. This is your legacy.

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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