Director of Actionaid commends Nigeria's containment of Ebola.

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October 9, 2014
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October 10, 2014

nigeria-flag-2Dr Husaini Abdu , the director of Nigeria’s Actionaid has today praised Nigeria’s effort to contain the most virulent disease of this generation- Ebola virus.  It comes as leaders of affected countries gather at the World bank centre in the US to discuss how best to contain the deadly virus. Among the leaders are presidents of Sierra Leone , Liberia and Guinea .

Dr Husaini, says Nigeria launched huge media awareness campaign, involved the churches, traditional leaders and medical personnel in the battle against Ebola . He also warned, that it’s still an ongoing effort until all other neighbouring countries are finally free of Ebola, you can’t say Nigeria will be totally free of Ebola. As Nigerians are travellers, and Nigeria is the biggest economy within the region, so people are coming in and out of the country.

Speaking to SkyNew this afternoon, he says, it’s not about the amount of money given to these countries, rather it’s all about sending more medical personnel and equipment , building treatment centres so that patients can easily access treatment. He also observed that the world is now waking up to the realities that these West African countries face since 6months now. He says, urgent help on grand must be established as soon as possible.

Ebola has in the past 6months claimed over 3000 lives, and more and more new cases being diagnosed around the world including the Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, US, Germany, Spain and Australia. It’s is now apparent that if nothing is done very quickly, Ebola is proving to be a catastrophic outbreak the world will be facing now.