Donald TrumpTrump visit will face mass protests

Donald Trump has accepted an invitation from Theresa May to visit Britain “later this year”. The vast majority of people in the UK completely reject the policies and the values Trump represents. Stand Up To Racism alongside the People’s Assembly, the Stop the War Coalition and CND demand that this invitation be withdrawn.

If it is not withdrawn we serve notice that alongside our allies across the labour and progressive movement we will protest this visit at any and every possible occasion. There can be no appeasement of a politician who places the wellbeing and safety of every working person in danger.

Trump has proved as bad in his first couple of days in office as expected. Among a swathe of executive orders he’s pushed ahead with plans to “build a wall” to keep out Mexican migrants and his plans to make Mexico pay the cost led to talks between the two countries being called off. He has sought to halt Muslims entering the US and attacked women’s rights.

Trump’s election campaign was marred by racism, Islamophobia and sexism, he has surrounded himself in a cabinet of right-wing warriors and warmongers. Theresa May rushed to Washington to fawn over Trump and now with the Tories in crisis she is trying to line up to boost the so called “special relationship”.

Last Friday and Saturday saw massive mobilisations all across the world opposing Trump’s inauguration. While millions marched in the US over a hundred thousand joined the “London Women’s March”.

We believe hundreds of thousands will turn out to oppose Trump when he comes to the UK. We want to add our voices to the millions of people in Britain who will say that “Trump is not welcome here”.