7 Habits You Must Hold on to this 2017 to Achieve Success.

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Faustina Anyanwu's quote

The wisdom Quote by @Fauntee

Faustina Anyanwu's quote

The wisdom Quote by @Fauntee

2017 is here and everyone is back to the usual new year resolution which is good. However, making new year resolutions without actionable objectives, your resolution is as good as the next hour.

To look forward to a better year than the previous you have to use a different approach in the new year. It is said, “you don’t repeat the same actions and expect a different result.”

To help you plan out a much greater year we share our 7 most powerful daily practical habits you can adopt to create the result that you want in all aspects of your life.

1.Planning: Plan out your day ahead.

Each day brings it’s own worries and distractions therefore, it is highly important that you have a clear plan of what your day will look like, what you expect of yourself and what you set out to accomplish. Without a careful plan, you’re easily carried away by every wind.

Make use of journaling. Write down your daily plan item by item in order of priority. Make it as important to keep a diary this 2017. Have a dairy for your appointments, have another for your goal setting and have another for your gratitude records. These can however be in one diary but well classified in sections. Remember, “if you don’t write it down it’s as good as your last meal.” Keep your plans carefully written down. Both your long term plan and your day to day plan.

2. Be in Control: Take control of your life:

When you know you’re responsible for your outcome in life then you realise that every decision you make knowingly or unknowingly will hang on you. That is when you will learn to take charge of your every step. There are no excuses here. Not your parents, not your friends or peers but you. Whatever outcome you see in your life is your cup of tea and yours to deal with. When this sinks in, you know you’ve got to be the boss of your own life. Make decisions, love yourself, treat yourself, discover yourself, empower yourself and set your boundaries.

3. Read books to get and stay inspired.

“The wisdom you seek is on the pages you never opened”. – Faustina Anyanwu.

Books have stored in them such wealth that are worth more than gold and silver. They are treasures to be found. Dig deeper each day into pages of books to equip yourself with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. You cannot stay grounded in your game without making reading your best friend. Books are man’s best companion. Read them to achieve your greatness. It’s said, “a person who reads travels ten times more than the greatest traveller”. So make 2017 your year of discovering books. Set your goal to read at least one book each month.

4. Take Action. Be proactive:

Practice they say makes perfect. What’s the point of reading if you’re not going to put into practice what you’ve learnt. No one has ever succeeded by staying passive. Even if your car’s engine is switched on if you’re not willing to take the wheel then it stays there. Take the steering and make the move. Remember, “even if you’re on the right track if you are not moving, you will eventually get run over. So you’ve got to keep moving, it doesn’t matter how slow as long as you’re moving you will get there. #Keepwalking

5. Stay Focused: Concentrate on what matters.

Even the fastest Dog that stops to chase at every stone thrown at it will get nowhere. Once you’ve discovered your vision be sure all your eyes are on the prize – the goal post. Until you score there’s no letting go. Don’t be distracted by every noise. In fact, as long as you still hear all those noises means that you’re not focused enough. Stay in your lane but most of all keep your eyes on the finish line just like a sprinter.

6. Your Health, Your Wealth: Make your health a priority :

Your health is your wealth. Health is not just an absence of infirmity but a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, according to WHO.

Stay grounded by practicing those things that keep your mind, body and soul in it’s optimal state. Such as, choose to think positive thoughts, exercise, read books to develop yourself in all areas of life, learn and harness your skills, surround yourself with people who see and bring out the best in you. Eat healthy foods and attend empowerment conferences, networks and workshops. Learn something new outside your career. Rest, relax and also have a go at your hobby. Practice giving and being nice to others for no reason and fulfil your social responsibility by doing at least one voluntary work with any chosen organisation or charity.

7. Be prepared: Live each day as if it were your last.

When you realise that the only guaranteed time is now then you learn to make best use of it. Time is the most expensive gift that we have and you must treat it with every care and respect. When you understand the value of time you will no longer waste a minute. Any time that pases you can never get back. Cherish and make the most of the time you have. You cannot procrastination with such expensive treasure. Set goals and strive to achieve them. Give yourself the best chance and be ready for accountability at every point in time should you be called to the other side. What would you tell God you did with the time He gave you while here on earth? This should always be in your mind at all times.

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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