Where To Go For Fashion Inspiration

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Sometimes we feel ourselves getting stuck in a style rut wearing the same thing over and over again. We have started looking for fashion inspiration to freshen up our wardrobes, especially with the arrival of spring, so we thought that we would share with you where we go to find it.


Magazines are a great way of keeping up with all of the latest trends, not just from the articles but also the glossy adverts. They are a great way to get ideas on how to put different pieces together.

Social Media

The rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest has made it so easy for us to check out other people’s style. We tend to use Instagram to follow our favourite brands and bloggers to see how they style different pieces. Hashtags are really useful as they can help you find just what you’re looking for. With Pinterest you can create boards which are great for keeping all of your ideas together. We often make boards relating to a trend like statement sleeves and then search for items to wear with it.


Following bloggers is a brilliant way to switch up your style. We often take inspiration from a style and then use that to create an outfit from items we already own, or go on the hunt for something similar.


It can’t just be us that spend forever browsing online. A lot of the time you are faced with items, like slogan t-shirts, but you have no idea how to style them up with other pieces. Most clothing websites actually have a section with the latest trends and they will often put together looks that feature pieces from those trends. They also generally have a blog with top tips on incorporating different items of clothing into your existing wardrobe.

Gemma Dorling
Gemma Dorling
Gemma is a fashion writer contributing to magazines and online sites. She also writes her own fashion blog www.lifesacatwalk.com. In her spare time she enjoys reading, running and finding new places to eat.