Finding dresses for your bridesmaids needn’t be a traumatic experience, expensive experience. There are actually plenty of options in a wide range of colours and styles available on the high street. Gone are the days when all your bridesmaids had to wear identical style dresses in the same sickly shade of pink.

We have some handy tips for you that should make shopping for your bridesmaid dresses that little bit easier.

Accurate sizing

Make sure that you have an accurate list of everyone’s sizes right now rather than then size they hope to be by the time of the wedding. Obviously sizing does vary by brand but a rough guide will be helpful.

Price range

If you are asking the bridesmaids to buy their own dresses then choosing a style that can easily be worn again at a christening or day at the races would be beneficial. Also not everyone will want to, or have the money for, an expensive dress so be reasonable when it comes to the cost.


Your bridesmaid’s don’t need to wear exactly the same shade, after all we have different skin tones and what shade suits one person will not suit another. Some colours are more flattering than others so avoid anything to overly bright as this may look too harsh. Softer colours like pale greys, champagne shades and a deep navy look great and are very popular right now.

Flattering styles

Most people have an area of their body that they are less comfortable about showing whether that is the tops of their arms or their legs. Try and by sympathetic to these anxieties. Some ranges have a variety of different styles available. You can even get dresses that can be worn five or six different ways.


It is often quite hard to find dresses that will fit perfectly so be prepared to get them altered. Having an outfit that fits well will make a huge difference to how your bridesmaid’s look and feel. Visit a dressmaker for advice and they will be able to tell you if a dress needs taking in or if it needs a panel adding for a more flattering finish.