We love shopping online, you can sit in your pyjamas surrounded by snacks which of course you couldn’t do if you were shopping in your local mall. You can shop from a computer, tablet or smartphone with ease. Shopping online also means that if you don’t like what one store has to offer you can instantly skip to the next. Unfortunately there are some mistakes that we all make when it comes to shopping online so we are sharing how you can stop making them.

Giving in to free shipping

You have been looking for the perfect dress for a night out with the girls but when you come to pay you realise that if you spend another £20 you could have free shipping. You start trawling the site again for anything you can find to hit that target. You would be better off just paying the fiver shipping than filling up your bag with things that you are never going to wear. It’s just a waste of money.

Forgetting about your credit card

It is always wise to use your credit card when shopping online and not just because identity theft is on the rise. Your purchase may not turn up or just isn’t the quality you were expecting. By paying on your credit card it makes it easier for you to dispute your purchase. After placing your order make sure you receive your confirmation email and keep it until the item arrives just in case you come to need it. Also, make sure that you regularly check your card statement for anything that shouldn’t be on there.

Buying on a whim

The internet makes shopping so easy and it takes seconds to buy something. If you are guilty of buying on impulse then leave any potential purchases in your bag for a few days just to make sure that you do really want them.

Giving in to the sales

Shopping the sales online can be a much more pleasant experience than shopping in store. You don’t have to trawl through rails of clothes to find something you like and there is no being elbowed out of the way. The problem with sales is that it is very easy to come away with things that you wouldn’t normally buy. A good rule to consider is that if you wouldn’t pay full price for the item then don’t buy it. It isn’t a bargain if you don’t end up wearing it.

Not returning

The downside to buying online is that it is hard to tell the fit of something. Always try to check the measurements in the product description before you purchase so you can find out if the item is true to size or likely to come up to big or small. Sometimes the items that you order won’t fit even if you have checked the sizing and in this case you should make extra effort to return it. Just think over time how much money you would waste if you didn’t.