How To Get A Parisian Chic Wardrobe

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April 27, 2017
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Nigeria’s First-time Novelist, Ayobami Adebayo shortlisted for Baileys Women’s Prize for fiction 2017
April 29, 2017

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Many of us strive for a stylish wardrobe. We can’t help but look at how French women dress and want to replicate that look for ourselves. Obviously not every woman in Paris dresses like this but we just love the styling that immediately springs to mind when you think of Parisian chic.

We have put together so handy hints and tips to help you style your wardrobe.

Parisian Chic

Go for neutral shades

When it comes to clothing a neutral colour palette is a must. Think along the lines of black, white, navy and grey. Vibrant shades are generally kept for accessories like bags and scarves.

Avoid flashy logos

Some brands are well known for printing their logos all over their accessories. While there is nothing wrong with that many French women prefer their bags to be a little more understated with either a small logo or no logo present at all.

Capsule wardrobe

You can build your wardrobe around essentials like a blazer, skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of ballet pumps. When you want to mix up your look a bit it is easy to swap out pieces like switching the blazer for a leather jacket or the ballet pumps for heels.

Avoid skyscraper heels

There is nothing worse than tottering along in skyscraper heels that you can barely walk in. If you aren’t comfortable in your footwear or you struggle to walk then it is time to give those shoes a miss.

Over accessorising

There is nothing wrong with wearing a statement necklace but you probably don’t want to add statement earrings and a chunky bracelet. You don’t want to look like your have raided your jewellery box and put on everything that you own. Either go for more subtle pieces or have all the attention on just the one item.

Gemma Dorling
Gemma Dorling
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