A century later we are at the same point still without understanding of electron.
Without quantum mechanics there would be no transistors. Imagine the whole chemistry emerges from a single equation, the fact that each element corresponds to one solution of the main equation.

Nothing can be calculated without electron yet we do not understand electrons enough as to predict things as physics is rooted and regulated by firm laws. Lacking of understanding of electron can reveal things many scientists do not like to talk about. Does it mean that God is shrouded in mystery and incomprehensibility? Don’t forget there are thousands of billions of billions of billions of planets such as Earth in the universe. The world is boundless expanse.

Einstein wrote that light is made of packets: particles of light which we call photons. He wrote: “It seems to me that the observations associated with blackbody radiation….the energy of a light ray spreading out from a point source is not continuously distributed over an increasing space but consists of a finite number of ‘energy quanta’ which move without dividing, and which can only be produced and absorbed a complete units.” This signals the birth of quantum theory. His work was initially treated as ‘ the nonsensical juvenilia of an exceptionally brilliant youth.’ but later awarded Nobel Prize based on the same work he was criticized by his colleagues.

It was Dane Niels Bohr who picked up this idea developed it. It was Bohr who understood that energy of electrons in atoms can take only certain values, like the energy of light. In 1925 the quantum theory replaced the entire mechanics of Newton. In a go everything can be calculated and life began to make sense. It looks absurd that the theory does not describe what happens to physical system but only how a physical system affects another physical system. This is where the problem lies that the essential reality is indescribable. We now have a gap. A piece of a puzzle only God can help.

From ‘Seven Brief Lessons On Physics,” by Carlo Rovelli
“Werner Heisenberg imagined that electrons do not always exist. They only exist when someone or something watches them, or better, when they are interacting with something else. They materialize in a place, with a calculable possibility, when colliding with something else. The ‘quantum leaps” from one orbit to another are the only means they have of being “real”: an electron is a set of jumps from one interaction to another. When nothing disturbs it, it is not in any precise place. It is not in a “place” at all. It’s as if God had not designed reality with a line that was heavily scored but just dotted it with a faint outline.”

In quantum mechanics no object has a definite position, except when colliding headlong with something else.It is not possible to predict where an electron will reappear but only to calculate the probability that it will pop up here or there. This is the world we live. The concept of electron is shrouded in mystery that great scientists are backtracking because of contradictions.

How was it possible that Einstein should think this? Their spiritual father, the man who had shown the courage to think the unthinkable now retreated and was afraid of this new leap into the unknown that himself had triggered. This is the strange things scientists are facing. Scientist like Bohr had recognised that things are not as simple and clear as he had initially thought.

Physicists and philosophers are constantly searching this greatest blunder that works. An extraordinary dive deep into the nature of reality according according to Carlo Rovelli. No wonder Albert Einstein said: Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Until science understands electron we may not understand God.