You still need to take care of your hair in braids or under a weave.

The truth is whether you braid your hair, add hair extensions to your hair, or leave your hair in its natural state; taking care of your natural hair is important.

Sometimes we feel like once we have made our hair, we don’t need to really take care of our hair as much as we do when don’t make our hair; this shouldn’t be so.

Don’t neglect your hair after you have added hair extensions to your hair or after you have a braided your hair. This is because your hair needs to be still taken care of.

One of the reasons people don’t take care of their hair when it is in braids or when it is under weave is because they sometimes think that they don’t need to do so, that is won’t add any benefit to their natural hair; this is wrong.

Having said that, here are are some benefits of taking care of your hair under weave:

  1. It helps with your hair growth.
  2. It helps to remove product build-up.
  3. It helps your hair from bein dry and brittle.
  4. It helps to reduce hair breakage when taking your braids out
  5. It helps you to retain hair length

Here are some ways you can take care of your hair in braids:

  1. Take care of your hair before braiding it. Wash your hair, condition it, deep condition it, oil and seal it before you make your hair.
  2. Don’t allow your hair stylist to braid your hair too tight.
  3. Apply leave-in conditioner to your hair, using an applicator bottle. Or you can apply a mixture of water, conditioner, and any oil of your choice to spray your hair in order to moisturize it.
  4. Endeavour to spray the roots of your hair.
  5. Make use of an applicator bottle to add oils to your hair, in order to get to the roots of your hair.
  6. Massage your scalp frequently.
  7. Don’t forget to take care of your edges.
  8. Wash your braids every once in two weeks.
  9. Always keep your hair moisturized.
  10. Don’t pull your hair tight when styling your hair.
  11. Don’t forget to put your hair in a satin bonnet whenever you want to go to bed
  12. Take care of the braids as well.
  13. Know when to take off the braids. Don’t keep the braids on for more than two months.
  14. Dry your hair properly after wash; you can use a blow dryer set on a low heat to dry your hair.
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