Why have the key female politicians done so woefully in this election campaign?

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June 6, 2017
Theresa May
PM Theresa May eats humble pie, set to form coalition with an unknown party.
June 9, 2017
Women in politics

PM Theresa May left and Former Shadow Secretary Diane Abbott.

Women in politics

PM Theresa May left and Former Shadow Secretary Diane Abbott.

In a modern society, it is no longer a debate whether or not women are capable of holding vital leadership positions. For over a century, women have fought to have equal right with men and in fact the old saying has become a cliché ; “What a man can do a woman can do even better.” And it is this that has raised eyebrow at the very lowest performance from these key women in British politics.

What could be the reason? Has it been a case of media bias of playing up these women’s weakest points? Or is it that these women have shot themselves in the feet? Is the British society so misogynistic? Are they going to undue pressure disproportionate to that of their male counterparts? Whatever it is, the outlook is not very promising for upcoming British women into public leadership and politics.

What is baffling is the fact that Theresa May called this election for no defendable cause other than for her own and her party gain. The facts we have now show that whoever advised her may have misled her. This election has not just exposed a weak and wobbly woman who is unfit to lead, but has also exposed sheer incompetence, in ability to manage her emotions, her stubbornness, arrogance and cold nature. It exposed a woman who is not prepared, has no in-depth knowledge or control of her own office. A woman who lies at a whim and a woman who is totally unreliable and unable to make decisions objectively. That is not a leader.
Theresa May’s inability or refusal to come on to debate and defend her policies and records alike is the worse own goal anyone can score and should be enough to cost her this election. She has come out with the worst manifesto ever, un-cost and carelessly done. A sheer disregard and disrespect to the British public. Under her watch, we have had 3 successful terrorist attacks and she still has the nerve to tell us how strong and stable a leader she is.

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When Theresa May took office after the Brexit, I thought Jeremy Corbyn had no chance given the huge media bias on his message and his own members infighting. But, Theresa May has badly disappointed me as a woman who works hard and advocate for women to aim to the top. One would ask, why did Mrs May call for an election she wasn’t prepared for? Or did she think it was going to be another coronation as it was for her party leadership that got her into No. 10 through he back door? Whatever the case, the verdict on her leadership is an irony to her slogan – weak and wobbly.

Diane Abbott in the same vein has been all sorts of shambles and has succeeded in making herself a laughing stock. Why wouldn’t someone know where their coping ability can stretch to. This is a woman who has fought racism, misogyny and other causes. Climbing the ladder of leadership through hard work only to get to the tip of the promised land and came crumbling like an expired egg. Carrying with her such offensive odour that is threatening to destroy the entire labour hard fought campaign success.

Diane has gone from that outspoken fearless woman to a ‘scaredy’ cat who cannot stay steady in front of the owner. I don’t want to believe that issue she had been grounded on was issues on racism alone and that she never bothered to equip herself with much more.

I hear she has been relieved of her post due to ill health and I applaud Jeremy Corbyn for that bold decision.

For me , the set of women in this election have failed women so badly. Let me know your thoughts. #Womeninpolitics
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Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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