November 25, 2020
Meghan Markle's miscarriage story

Meghan’s Miscarriage: The hardest part is forgiving yourself. -My story.

Months later, I still don't understand and I still wonder why it happened. I still blame myself and still do search my mind wondering if I did anything to cause the miscarriage - did I eat something I shouldn't?
June 10, 2019

Top 25 Women Champions For The Girl-child Around The World.

For decades, the fight for the right and uplifting of the girl-child has been that of a struggle around the world. For those years, women continue to rise up, to speak up and champion causes for the girl-child.
March 7, 2019

3 Female Entrepreneurs championing a way for other women through their businesses…

Lisa Forde, Meena Chander and Abi Wright are shaking the business space, using their platforms to give women a chance and debunking some of the long standing gender stereotypes.  
March 6, 2019

70% of UK employers are discriminating against women, study finds.

Studies show that 39% of young mothers have been illegally asked in job interviews about how being a mother would affect their ability to work. What’s more 24% of employers believe women should work for them for at least a year before having children.