5 easy steps to successfully launch your small business in 2018.

You have this great idea, you’ve been daydreaming about your business and finally decided to ditch your 9 to 5. That is a brave first step forward into the world of unknown. Starting your own business can be so rewarding and fulfilling and also can be daunting and uncertain. Being an entrepreneur means more responsibility, working more hours and a forever brain spinning adventure. Millions of people come up with billions of great business ideas which never made it out of their minds because of fear, doubts and excuses.
Faustina Anyanwu on launching a small business

However,growing a successful business should never be such a nightmare. When you build a strong foundation for your business right from the start, you will find yourself living a fulfilled life of bliss as you grow with your business. It is known that successful entrepreneurs are the happiest people, most confident and are the ones driving the world decisions. Everybody dreams to be in the same league as these global economic drivers. But have you got what it takes to make the first step, – Start?

Here are your easy steps to getting your idea off the ground without any more wasting of time.

1.Take Action: First things first. You must step out of your mind and get into the action mood. The difference between a dreamer and an entrepreneur is the ability to take action. Until you take that first step towards releasing your idea from your mind, it will forever remain an idea. In fact if you want to hear about great ideas, look for the most unsuccessful people in your area. They have so many ideas that you begin to wonder why they can’t change their lives. You must go beyond the business plan to give your idea a try. Give it a test drive. It is said, the taste of a pudding is in the eating. You must pilot your business idea with your core market to find out what their overall view about the idea is.

2.Draw up a compelling story: It’s a well known fact that people buy stories not products. If you’re good enough to connect to people with your story, then you have won most of the battle. In drawing your story, be sure that your story is true, relevant to your brand and attracts the right audience for your new business. There’s nothing as frustrating as attracting the wrong league of pity party goers with your compelling story which should actually move your audience to wanting your product now, now, now.

3.Go Digital: There is no longer any debate on whether social media is the way forward for business in this century. Whatever type of business you want to embark on, have at the back of your mind that your market is on social media more than anywhere else. Start immediately to grow your social media following. Build your online tribe, strong network of potential users and have an opinion around the industry you want to go into. This is an opportunity for you to directly or indirectly find out what people want by throwing in surveys and polls every now and then. As well as honestly contributing to other people’s questions, offering help and being a helpful voice to people in your network. These will help establish you as authentic and knowledgeable in this area, building trust within the market.

4.Start Early on Your Media Communications: Journalists are busy and have many people trying to draw their attention, both established brands and new brands all want to get into the media and you must have a compelling angle to be able to convince your story into their schedule. December is the greatest time to start making contact with editors for your business/product launch in February, March and April. Most Editors are already drawing up their editorial for Valentine, International Women’s month, Easter, etc. Early communication and follow ups give them time to process and decide where best to place your story and or if it is relevant to what they want. Also, you may be lucky to find that their main target had failed to deliver on time and your story becomes the best next available to fill in for a deadline.

5.Think Collaborations: Collaborating with already established platforms is the greatest way to take off on a budget. This gives you opportunity to tap into an already built ground for your market. If you’re looking to launching your business in 2018, look for exhibition opportunities. This is an affordable way to test drive your brand, build your database, give out samples, collect feedbacks, give your brand exposure, and have a direct interaction with your core market as well as build a relation with bloggers, media etc. Product/business exhibitions are one of the most effective ways for small businesses to jumpstart their marketing and publicity.