8 Decor Tips you Wish you Knew Before Now

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8 Decor Tips you Wish you Knew Before Now

I love me some good good decor.

I mean, who doesn’t?

I love the way a space immediately changes with the inclusion and removal of some pieces.

If you’re a decor enthusiast like I am, then you will constantly look out for unique tips that can improve your space.

Here are 8 Decor Tips you Wish you Knew Before Now!

1. Paint an Accent Wall: your accent wall is simply a wall that stands out from other walls in a space. It has more features and it is the wall most people notice before others. And so, you can paint your accent wall in a distinctive and creative way that can embody your preferred style.

2. Increase your room’s capacity with cushions! Did you know that you can make your room accommodate more by adding cushions to the room? You can save on cost and it will be more creative.

3. Mix and Match furniture pieces from different sets: Who says you have to use all the pieces from a set when you can make a space more fun but mixing and matching different pieces together?!

4. Bold and Unique Lamps: Invest in some good bold and unique pieces that will add style to your space. This will change the look of your space and make it more fun and appealing.

5. Reuse your Storage Boxes: Did you know you can make a good use of your storage boxes in a whole new way by covering them with beautiful papers and materials. For instance, you can use an old shoe box as a storage unit for something, you can also make it beautiful by wrapping it in a material.

6. Include a Statement Couch: A statement couch will make your space stand out and give it a distinctive look.

7. Statement Rug: A statement rug matched with a neutral set of furniture pieces can make your space look different instantly!

8. Sheer Curtains: You can also replace your heavy and thick curtains with sheer curtains to illuminate your space.

What are some of your favourite and unique interior decor tips? Comment them below!

Ayishat Amoo
Ayishat Amoo
Ayishat Amoo is a Christ follower who is passionate about encouraging people, and motivating people to be better. She is a voracious reader, researcher, as well as a fashion enthusiast.