Divas of Colour Mind Your Mind Mental Health Awareness Conference. A must attend.

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December 6, 2017
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December 9, 2017
Divas of Colour Mind Your Mind Mental Health Awareness Conference.

Divas of Colour Mind Your Mind Mental Health Awareness Conference.

Divas of Colour Mind Your Mind Mental Health Awareness Conference.

Divas of Colour Mind Your Mind Mental Health Awareness Conference.

Every year, Divas of Colour the largest gathering of most influential women of colour from around the world, chooses a social or humanitarian cause to raise awareness on. We are so excited to find that this year, our favourite event has chosen to throw some light on the issue of mental health. More exciting is not just the in-depth and quality of the topic they are going to be dealing on and the line up of speakers and it is free to attend. This is certainly a must attend simply click on the link below to register.

This free conference at the Houses of Parliament, House of Lords will look at the following :

– Identifying early signs of mental illness in family, colleagues and how to find appropriate professional help early.

– Effect of abuse and exploitation on the mental health and development of a child

– Understanding the importance of medications and adhering to prescriptions.

– Stress versus Control?: Tell tale signs of wellbeing challenges and supporting family members, friends and colleagues

– Does menopause affect mental health? Result of symptoms and management research carried out among women of Colour.

– Maternal mental health (Post partum depression) and safety of the New born

– Culture, lifestyle and mental health in the 21st century.

– Post success or project syndrome – stress and depression as related to career and success.

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– Dr Dave Barker: a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist based at Cygnet Hospital Kewstoke, where he has worked since 2006. His current responsibilities include heading the multi-disciplinary team, acting as medico-legal expert, overseeing care pathways and acting as lead Academic. He also has had practising privileges at The Priory Hospital Bristol since 2010.

Dr Barker is a Visiting Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry in London & the University of the West of England in Bristol (UWE).

Josephine Dale: (MBACP, PGDip PGCert Bsc)- is the Project leader for AFRUCA’s Mental Health Service in London and the North West of UK. She is a qualified professional Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and works with victims of trafficking, abuse, FGM, with specialisms in Depression, Anxiety and Trauma and Managing Stress. She has an enduring passion about promoting mental health awareness and addressing the psychological effects of abuse amongst all communities.

Juliet Okoye: is a Healthcare Manager, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Adviser. She currently works as a Continuing Healthcare Assessor for the National Health Service, and a Clinical Nurse Advisor at a private practice. She holds a Certificate degree in Practice Education, Diploma in Nursing Studies, Bachelor Degree in Biology/Education, MSc in Health Science/Nursing. She is currently doing a Post-graduate Studies at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge campus.

Jacqueline Campbell is the founder of the Julian Campbell Foundation, a charity that has made a difference to many young people, teenagers, and their families. The strategies used enable young people to identify and monitor their moods and develop their emotional intelligence. With higher degrees in Education and Public health, Jaqueline began her career as a science teacher and went on to enjoy years of teaching in some of the most difficult inner-city London schools, as well as training teachers. From her time teaching in these difficult schools, Jacqueline saw that there was a need to support young people and their families to manage their wellbeing.
Stephen Joseph: trained as a nurse with a Masters in Nursing Science and a Postgraduate diploma in mental health. He researches mental health, with particular interest in Black & Ethnic Minority (BME) community experiences with mental health services in the United Kingdom. Stephen coordinates The Hope Project, a drop in service for mental health service users in a South West London Borough. His research publications include factors that precipitate patients violence in hospital settings. Other interests include conducting research into promoting wellbeing issues relating to African children of diaspora parentage, foster care, domestic violence, protection of children from abuse and psychosocial model of care. His current doctorate foray explores the tension between care and control in mental health services from the African and Caribbean service user perspective.

Eze Ihenacho: is an Approved Mental Health Professional,
currently works at Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust.

He is a Broadcaster and an Author of many books including his latest publication ‘Our World in Metaphors: Driven By the Truth.’

Prince Ihenacho believes that all the problems humanity has faced and continues to face is directly linked to the fact that, human beings adopted lies instead of the truth in formulating the foundation of their existence in the rented world all must vacate as tenants. He queries ‘How a driver can locate their destination if they are confused about where they began their journey and their current location’ (Ihenacho 2017.) He affirms that, in the absence of the singular truth, lies which are plural take hold and theories which cause confusion in the mind set in. This is the reason he boldly states that human beings especially, leaders of this world are confused and points at the state of the world as proof of his claims. Prince Ihenacho makes it clearer when he says ‘As important as the root is to a tree, the foundation to a house so, is the source and root of humanity to every child.’

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