Busted: Rogue College Selling Honorary Doctorate to Africans in London.

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July 25, 2018
Outrage as Fake Honorary Doctorate is Bought and Sold Among Africans.
July 31, 2018

Some prominent Nigerians in London, lots of whom are community leaders, lawyers and Nollywood actors have been caught up in a fake honorary doctorate as the authenticity of the institution and its awards have been called into question.

Edit: 31/07/2018 – 15:24 – University of Westminster has just confirmed they have absolutely nothing to do with this institution.

The honour which came to the community’s awareness last year has since sold over 20 honoraria to mostly Nigerians between their last year and this year’s ceremony. Concerned academics raised the alarm when images emerged of the recipients of this year’s honorary were of questionable relevance. As the story continued to emerge, it is gathered that the recipients had paid each, a sum of £2500 to receive the honour.

Academics continue to query the authenticity of the body dishing out such honour and why it has to be predominantly Nigerians . According to one academic, from looking at the gown, the certificate which has various stamps on it, and the name of the college, anyone with any iota of decency would make a serious enquiry before accepting such nonsense.

The college, Academy of Universal Global Peace which claims to be accredited by government of UK, US, and India as well as United Nations is said to be founded by ‘His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan in 1985, who it is claimed to be also the president of Asia for ‘Power Ministries Intl, Inc. USA and holding several positions in many international, inter-governmental organisations. The claim of honour in the name of the founder goes on and on, however, the question which remains unanswered is, which university has accredited this institution to confer honorary doctorate?

It gets even murkier as the details emerge. Although the university claims affiliations with the United Nations Global Compact, United Nations Academic Impact, European Commission, Power Ministries International and World Peace Organisation, even these claims were found to be untrue. The so called AUGP is also not affiliated to the University Grants Commission (UGC) or any Indian academic institution.

AUGP, claims to be headquartered in America, however it’s not clear where in the US the headquarter is, they claim it has now been moved to Chennai. “The International Chairman of the AUGP, Dr Madhu Krishan, travels globally. Earlier he had spent some years in America but now he is settled in Chennai, so the headquarters is in Chennai now.”

As our investigation continues, the fact remains, the credentials of the “college,” which is giving this doctorate, are under a cloud of suspicion. Following some of their social media posts which purports being a part of Westminster University, we have reached out the London University for comments on what affiliation they have with AUGP and if they’re aware of the doctorates being sold.

Have you been approached by this organisation or any of its agents for any honours? Have you got any information regarding this organisation? Please send us any tip off to – editor@fauntee.co.uk

This news is being updated as it unfolds.

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