We must all condemn buying of fake honorary doctorate for the sake of our children- Emeka Anyanwu.

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August 2, 2018
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August 2, 2018
Emeka Anyanwu

Emeka Anyanwu Today my heart is hurting. I had a similar feeling before but today’s own is different – my heart is bleeding for lack of leadership in African Community in UK. Yesterday, My wife, Faustina Anyanwu was crying beside me. She had looked into the future and saw the intending danger, crisis, ignorance, lack of purpose, violation of morality of God.

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How can Africans continue to make decisions that violate their conscience? My heart is truly groaning in pain. She asked me, ‘Where is the hope for our children? Where is the hope for other people’s children? Where is the hope for our future?’ I told her not to judge things with human eyes. “With what is happening in African community in UK, where some people are paying to obtain honorary doctorate without showing work for it, where teenagers our are being killed on the street of London without solution in sights. (Just last night, there’s been another report of 3 stabbings of Black youths in London), Where children are going hungry, and the vulnerable people are taken advantage of. Many don’t have hope of paying their bills. Many broken homes in our community. How long are we going to be victims of our own abuse?” She lamented.

How long are we going to be sheep without shepherd? Without true leadership in the community, our problems will never get solved. We can’t have churches in every house in UK and everyone is shouting at the rooftop yet, our community can’t solve their problems. Why?

True leadership comes when an individual sees the wrong in a community and takes personal responsibility to change it. It does not come through protest in the street, neither does it come through victimhood, such as blaming Peter and Paul, Hanna and Mary as we see in our community. How long are we going to continue to beg and crawl. As long as a heir is a child, he will be treated like a slave. If we don’t show maturity, the world will keep on treating us like slaves.

Irresponsibility leads to slavery, abuse and violence. Look at the way some of our community leaders are getting involved in racketeering and making mess of hard work by selling Honorary Doctorate to everyone with impunity. Please show your work in the community? Show us the institutions that are awarding these Honorary Doctorate? Where is the character? A true character is produced by trial and testing. A little investigation and enquiry showed that the institutions are fake, and the perpetrators are leaders in our African community.

The scandal of paying cash to get fake Honorary Doctorate from questionable institutions is morally wrong, God gave us perfect moral freedom but to give it up in this way is a crisis. Why should our leaders in the community be spreading the spirit of laziness and hatred for work? People who subscribe to this in African Community hate themselves, hate African Community and are dragging us back to slavery and poverty.

The question one must ask themselves is: Why do you need such title? When you choose title before your name, you are attaching yourself to external validation. The same applies to rivalry, where success is measured by triumphing over others. Once you require any form of external validation, you have given up your own freedom, to be happy and successful. You have given out the most vital power you possess to others and the result is anger, hatred, low self- esteem, poor self-concept and selfishness.

Of course what drove one into acquiring such title in the first place is lack of self-esteem, poor self-concept and lack of self-confidence. The first thing a leader needs according to Nelson Mandela is: “To be honest with yourself, you can never have an impact on society, if you have not changed yourself. One of the most important weapon to change yourself is to recognise.. humility is one of the most important qualities which you must have because if you are humble, if you make people realise that you are not a threat to them, then people will embrace you, they will listen to you.’’

The less title you have beside your names the more meaning you make in people’s lives, and more confident, and bold you become and more impactful. Titles don’t give us values, rather you are the one who gives values to everything. God has given you self-image and that gives you authority to give value to other things. It is the man that gives value to cars, houses watches, gold diamond and silver. Don’t be deceived that these things give you value. This is the reason African communities are devaluing themselves through engaging in frantic pursuit of vain things like Honorary Doctorate and material things.

Swindling people to a level of charging them to pay £5,000 and £2,500 for worthless certificates from fake institutions is morally wrong. We must expose these individuals in our community and draw a line otherwise, this evil will not stop. We can’t rehabilitate evil in our community. We must expel evil, distance ourselves from ignorance, through this we free ourselves. Truth is the only thing that liberates humanity. Our community has suffered for so long, from all forms of abuse and violence. It is important we distance ourselves from the spirit of immediate gratification, where we don’t want to work hard, plan and earn our money. People want instant cash without work. The resultant effect of these irresponsibilities and shambles are poverty and slavery.

Morality is a spiritual element, You can’t get it from law and education. Moral character and nature is from God. In fact, the law reveals morality. And this is part of the gift of freedom from God. When a man loses his morality he becomes an animal.

According to Richard Feynman, “First principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.’’

We must tell ourselves the truth, otherwise we are fooling ourselves. We must wake up from our slumber and rise to our challenges. Take up responsibility for our own future and future of our children.

Say No to fake honorary doctorate, say No to these oppressive mentalities, like hatred for work and laziness.

Emeka Anyanwu.