Fake Honorary doctorate: Victims and witnesses speak out as the scam spreads to Newcastle.

Emeka Anyanwu
We must all condemn buying of fake honorary doctorate for the sake of our children- Emeka Anyanwu.
August 2, 2018
Emeka Anyanwu
The Travesty of Spreading Fake Honorary Doctorate in our community.
August 3, 2018

The organisers of the fake honorary doctorate continue to spread like wide fire as another ceremony to confer even more victims with worthless doctorate title is set for 17th August in Newcastle.

As gathered more Nigerians, many of whom are members of Nollywood industry are said to have paid huge amounts of money and are enlisted to receive this shambolic doctorate title from the same rogue institution whose credibility continues to be questioned.

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As we investigate, we have uncovered one thing, their approach and style remain the same. They prey on unsuspecting victims, use some prominent names within the community who have become part of the gang to persuade, intimidate and recruit more candidates who are made to part with certain amounts of money. Please read below first hand accounts of those who have been approached and how this transaction continues to go down.

Witness one: Prefers to stay anonymous.
Dear madam l saw your post about fake Doctorate . I just want to let you know this event is happening again and they are giving out more Doctorate. People are asked to make a donation of up £1357. Surely if you are given an honorary doctorate why do l have to pay since when someone is asked to pay a donation to receive an Honorary Doctorate?

I myself have been approached by this organisation and l received this email from one of the ladies who is an organiser to say l have been selected to get a Doctorate and l need to pay a donation of £1357 which is a bit strange. I was a bit concerned because as far as l know if you are selected to receive an Honorary Doctorate why do you need to pay on top of the £1357? You have to buy my own Gown and Cap?

I know few community leaders who have been approached by one of the ladies who is an organiser they paid and they are told they will be receiving their Honorary Doctorate on the 17th of August as the flyer above if you look on the flyer you simply see The Academy of Universal Global Peace USA .

Most of the ladies who are community leaders think it’s a genuine Doctorate and they have announced on Facebook. They also paid £1357.
Most of them are African people who paid to receive this fake Doctorate. People need to be warned before this organisation approaches more and more victims

Please see a copy of an email l received from one of the ladies who is organising this event on the 17th

Goodnews your recommendation has gone past first stage……woooow. So final stage on Wed.
However for heads up kindly get ready to submit your exquisite pic that will be on your Doctorate and a minimum donation of £1357 which cover governors costs, admin, postage of award , and also how you would want your name to appear on your Doctorate..

Witness Two: prefers to stay anonymous.

I saw your story about fake Doctorate.

Please be aware l have been approached asked to pay £1357 . The event is happening on the 17th of August in new castle be aware

See this Sceenshot of the event. This is a screenshot of the message l received via my Facebook that l have been selected to receive a Doctorate award and l need to pay £1357. You can see the flyer of the event. Please check closely on the below flyer you will see The Academic Global Peace USA

On the last line in small print you can see.

I know a lot of people who have paid to receive this Doctorate on the 17th including community leaders.

They need to be warned. Most of them have announced via Facebook.
Honorary Doctorate should be free and also a Donation should be optional .
I told them l don’t have the money and l was told unfortunately without your donation we can’t give you the honorary degree.
I find it very very strange.
I tried to remove the names for confidentiality . A lot of Nigerian people have payed most of them are in the film industry.

People definitely need to be warned about this upcoming event.”

Witness 3:
I rather stay anonymous please.
I was asked to pay £2,500.00
I didn’t go through with this as I thought to myself I cannot buy this honour, also I felt I didn’t know the real source.
Please enlighten me, reading your email made me realise I made the right decision.
Please don’t publish on your magazine as I would rather remain anonymous.
Thank you for addressing this issue. Please confirm if this is a cult?

Kind regards

Witness 4:
“How are you? I was approached by so called honorary doctorate people . I dounted it from the start. Get in touch I have all trails of emails but I prefer to remain anonymous for the sake of the work I do.”

For those who don’t understand why it’s necessary that this FAKE HONORARY DOCTORATE is checked and nipped at the bud, below are some of the questions we’vebeen trying to help you uncover. And so far, this institution has failed woefully.

1. What is honorary doctorate and what is it associated with? Honorary doctorate is usually given to individuals who have achieved equivalent of or more on specific decipline and it is associated with academic excellence.

2. Does individuals or any institution other than university that offers PhD give honorary doctorate? No. Only accreditated university that usually offer PhD can give honorary doctorate.

3. Is honorary doctorate bought and sold over social media? No. Honorary Doctorate is highly regarded and is never bought or sold on any guise.

4. Don’t you think if this continues, by next year everyone you know would be answering Dr with no apparent achievement to back it up?
At the rate this rogue institution is going by 2018, every single willing person would have Dr attached to their name. Thatvis ridiculous.

5. Do you think any credible University will be sharing honorary doctorate like this? Never. Credible and reputable universities always protect the integrity of their institution at all cost and will never descend so low as to be sharing honorary doctorate to all and sundry with any merit in exchange for money.

6. Is this institution affiliated to any credible university and has any university licenced them to give out honorary doctorate?
They claim to be affiliated to United Nations University for global peace. Whichbwhen you search, you find is another rogue name of the same Academy of Universal Global Peace, owned and run by the same individuals and their cohorts.

These are few questions you need to focus your attention on to be able to make up your own mind. As a media, our job is to raise awareness and alert the public and we will continue to do that to the best of our knowledge. After our investigation all evidence invluding ones we can’t publish will be directed to appropriate authories in case any crime has been committed.

The public must stay alert of such rogue institions offering fake honours in exchange for money. If you have been cooned or approached, please do get in touch.

Email: editor@fauntee.co.uk

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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