Idris Elba? No. That Doll is nothing like Idris. .

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Idris Elba or Romany Malco? You be the judge. Will you buy this for £850?

Not Idris Elba doll

Fans of ‘the sexiest man living’ are left confused, sad and infuriated as the ‘not Idris Elba doll’ which was meant to be the actor’s character doll is released.

This has left fans questioning what the makers were thinking. Some are wondering why they constantly make a mockery of blacks each time they try to make dolls of their icons. The same thing happened when boxer, Nicola Adams was released earlier in the year. The doll too looked nothing like the strong, beautiful sister.

The Idris Elba character doll which is selling for a whooping £850, looks nothing like the sexy actor. Instead he looks more like Romany Malco. One twitter user said, “they should have gone to specsavers, thats more like Romany Malco.”
Another threw the shot at the Emperis Doll  maker saying, “yes we know we always look yhe same to you. But pleaseee.”

Dressed in a suave suit, the Idris Elba character doll which is said to be a special sculpted Idris likeness,is 17 inches tall, with toned masculine physique and made of the new resin which is lighter but stronger and gives a flesh-like and smooth feel to touch.

Given the description as released by the maker, its sad though that in reality all thats seen is the ‘evil’ eyes and bald un-proportionate bald head and evil eye as critics have noted. The saddest thing is, Idris is a hairy, bearded, full on head hair hunky guy. Nothing like bald describes Elba in thw slightest. So what was the bald head about? Stereotyping black men? Whatever you make of it please let us know. See below the real sexy hunk of a man – Idris Elba. Specsavers comes to mind

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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