‘Tear glossing’ over Theresa May’s inhumane legacy on grenfell fire, windrush, austerity and other dehumanising policies against immigrants and anyone who doesn’t match her human description during her reign as both home secretary and prime minister, would be a disrespect to humanity and decency.

Mrs May will be remembered by every immigrant as a heartless leader who made policies without a human face. Every disabled, ill, poor and less privileged this last decade will remember her as a leader without interest in humanity. Every Windrush family will celebrate her catastrophic crash out of power as they remember her as a racist drunken with power.

The families, pensioners, victims of grenfell fire who were neglected, homeless people with no where to go, immigrants whose families and lives were crushed by Mrs May’s policies, are the real people we need to channel our sympathy and concern to and not one minute what the mainstream media would have you cry about.

In case you somehow need to be reminded of the pain and catastrophe Mrs May unleashed on other humans with her policies, twitter didn’t delay one bit to keep you in the right perspective.

Read these tweets and properly channel your tears and empathy to the right people.


What is your story? How would you remember the second female British Prime minister? Should she be pitied or should the focus be on the legacy she has left?

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