Councillor Paul Nickerson to pay damages To Rt Hon.Jeremy Corbyn after His Defamatory Remarks.

Councillor Paul Nickerson has agreed to pay substantial damages and legal costs to Jeremy Corbyn regarding a false defamatory statement he tweeted out on November 15 2021. The post included a fake photograph of Mr. Corbyn laying a poppy wreath at the site of a burning taxi outside the Liverpool Women’s Hospital where a terror attack had taken place on Remembrance Sunday killing a suicide bomber and injuring others.

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Labour Grassroots Members Call on MPs to Ensure Dawn Butler Gets On The Ballot Paper

“We are grassroots members of the Labour Party who believe that Dawn Butler deserves to be on the deputy leadership ballot paper. Her work on liberation as Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities has been fantastic, and she has been a real advocate for women, BAME people, LGBT+ people, disabled people, and particularly for trans people in the face of media and internal hostility.

She has shown unwavering support for the party all the way through, and with her powerful speeches has inspired many people to see her as a deserving candidate for the deputy leadership position.

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UK Election: Right-wing Conservative Party Wins with a Landslide.

As predicted, the incumbent government of the Conservative party led by the prime minister, Boris Johnson has won the UK 2019 election with a landslide. Echoing the choice of the people the UK to leave the EU over the opposition, Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn’s focus on austerity and the NHS. The result could not be clearer.

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