Politics has rendered Leadership Useless if all it gives are these.

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June 15, 2019
June 16, 2019

Donald Trump in the US, Boris Johnson in the UK, Emmanuel Macron in France, Buhari in Nigeria, George Weah in Liberia, Paul Biya in Cameroun, on and on it goes… You can add yours.

Donald Trump in the US, Boris  Johnson in the UK, Emmanuel Macron in France, Buhari in Nigeria, George Weah in Liberia, Paul Biya in Cameroun, on and on it goes... You can add yours.
Faces of Political Leadership around the world.

We are in desperate times when the world over needs great leaders more than ever. Unfortunately, the times we are in continue to gobble out more and more catastrophes in the name of leadership.

Politics has woefully failed whatever definition is had of leadership. From America’s to the Brits, it becomes even scarier to imagine who are the captains staring the affairs of the world.

Since the emergence of Donald Trump whom of course started off as a joke until it became clear that the USA will be stuck with someone so ‘unpresidential’; it seems the more foul-mouthed, xenophobic, divisive and nationalist you are, the more favourable you are to become a leader. It beggars belief what the society we are in, has become.

There’s a saying that whenever the USA sneezes, the UK catches a cold. The Trump effect on UK politics is no longer a secret as UK politicians are competing on who will become more controversially stupid than the other.

In a sensible clime where there is a leadership of accountability and decorum, people like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove will not dream of coming close to any leadership space given their records which lack any credibility or responsibility. Yet, here we are having these likes leading the pack. Michael Gove admitting publicly of his use of class A drugs which has seen so many lives destroyed and many in jails, and Boris Johnson’s public display of reckless arrogance, disrespect of others, cultures, religion and anyone who doesn’t look or believe as him, is totally nauseating to watch him emerge as the most favourable to become the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s contempt for Black people and Muslims have been in the open and in my opinion, represents the views of the conservatives as a party. If not, tell me how a handful of old white rich men and women would stoop so low to select such a scruffy looking, foul-mouthed racist to be their leader? Or are these handful secretly representing the overall view of the majority of British people? If not where is the uproar, where is the anger? Where are the good White British? Of course, it should be, flipping through the pages of the mainstream newspapers you see it inked deeply. And you can only know how people think and believe from what they intentionally decide to read. These papers which have provided the breeding ground for the popularity (notoriety) of likes of Boris Johnson have millions of subscribers from the British public who give their consent to be represented in such views with their money. Views such as Boris Johnson calling black people ‘piccaninnies, calling Muslim women letterbox, and just being generally obnoxious without being challenged by the journalists or the people.

Whenever a Conservative leader such as Theresa May speaks of their British values, what comes to mind is the empire. An empire reeked of slavery, colonisation and dehumanisation of anyone not viewed as white. The value that says if you’re not White and English you’re not equal. It looks like Britain is working so hard to have the great in her name removed and as disastrously as possible. Or maybe it’s even time for it to go, as of course, its greatness dates back to conquering and using other humans as a stepping stone.

Obviously, Britain is scratching at the bottom of the barrel if what we have seen is the best there is of Britain’s leadership bid. The other day, Sky news was reporting of Boris Johnson’s team asking MPs to screenshot their secret ballot votes to confirm their vote for him. Whether this is confirmed or not, for a story such as this to emerge, tells you all you need to know of the quality of and manner of lawmakers we have. Cowards at best, an untrustworthy and backstabbing bunch at worst. If an MP can’t say what they mean and mean what they say in the face of their colleagues then leadership is finished. Clearly, we see here that character has been pushed behind for power.

It’s so hard to imagine that Britain has been the transporter of democracy and its definition, makes you wonder, has it always been like this or is it social media beaming its light on the dark side of politics of democracy. All the same, the look of it scares the hell out the life of me.

Coming down to Africa, Asia and the likes where the same politics of democracy has been shoved down the throats of the people without consideration of the way of lives of the people and lack of preparedness for such transition, we see a continuation of the mockery of leadership. A leadership of no conscience, no humanity, no accountability. Maybe that is how it’s always been and ought to be and it is us the lay people without inside information who misunderstand what it is democracy and politics was all about after all.

The shame is the so-called politicians in these areas line up to enable these jokers up west in their quest to keep the status quo as it has been; where Africans, Asians are seen as unequal at best and lower than humans at worst. A few weeks ago I saw on twitter where a Nigerian lawmaker, Ben Bruce, the so-called Mr common sense was asking his friends in the diaspora to vote for his friend Boris Johnson. The chills I got from seeing such foolishness never left me, in fact, resurfaced as I write about it now. Why wouldn’t an African lawmaker make such joke of himself? That is what happens when people do not know their history. They stand up for those they ought to stand up to.

Nigeria’s Senator Mr Ben Bruce (Mr Common Sense) and UK MP, Boris Johnson.

Of course they are gobbled in from all manner of corrupted ideas and without studying their history and reading widely of what is going on around the world, they cue in line like school children without a guardian, they run around like headless chicken seeking approval from those they ought to stand up to seeking photo opportunities as evidence of their having arrived.

Look at Sudan, Cameroun, Nigeria, Uganda, and now Liberia, you see British and America’s hand-picked politicians (administrators) at work doing even beyond as they are told by their selectors so that they can remain in their good books. Competing for who can punish and underdevelop and run their people down more than the other. And of course, their Western selectors keep a blind eye to their atrocities. That. Is the politics of democracy we have come to see. And it gets even the worse as we usher in these sets of self-serving, openly racist not very smart jokers who are being hand-picked from behind the doors to sit at the front seats of world’s leadership. If this is it, our ancestors would have fought a useless fight and humanity is completely doomed.

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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