Conservative Party wins with a landslide.
Conservative Party
Boris Johnson
Labour Party
Jeremy Corbyn
Scottish National Party
Nicola Sturgeon
UK elections 2019.

As predicted, the incumbent government of the Conservative party led by the prime minister, Boris Johnson has won the UK 2019 election with a landslide. Echoing the choice of the people the UK to leave the EU over the opposition, Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn’s focus on austerity and the NHS. The result could not be clearer.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron calls it an extraordinary and powerful result as he congratulates Boris Johnson on his victory, while also taking a shot at Mr Corbyn. He said, “It’s an extraordinary result, a powerful result. It marks the end of Corbyn and Corbynism and that is a very good thing for the country.”

Mr Corbyn however in his speech earlier points at the media for the intrusion and attacks on his person as well as also conceding to the loss and promising to stand down as the leader of the opposition party.

Despite Mr Corbyn’s hugely promising manifesto for cities struggling with cuts, housing shortage, struggling NHS and healthcare, as well as underfunded schools and weak educational system, his opposition led Labour party remained unpopular suffering the greatest loss of a lifetime.

Perhaps it is now time for the Labour Party to have a rethink, look inwards and restructure their messaging approach.