Creative Ways To Help The Most Vulnerable During the Covid19 Lockdown.

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April 22, 2020
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Food Gifting Etiquette Amid Covid19 Pandemic. 
April 25, 2020
creative ways to help the vulnerable on lockdown

Helping the poor and the needy during covid19 pandemic – Best practices.  Give without shaming.

No doubt so many people and families have fallen behind since the covid19 pandemic. Even people who mostly were doing very well before now may be struggling to keep on at this uncertain time. Millions have lost their jobs and have no means of taking care of the most basic needs – topping up their electricity, gas, or even their most basic shopping. 

Even as many are eager to help out, it becomes extremely difficult to reach those who need your help the most without making them feel exposed or embarrassed. This may become a great challenge hindering so many from reaching out and helping as many people as they would wish to help. Therefore, it time to get creative in your charitable giving. 

Here are my 6 most creative and best ways to give without hurting your beneficiaries’ dignity. 

Before I get on that, I would suggest you find means for them to anonymously receive the gifts and presents, if possible. 

  1. Finding those who need help – Make use of social media or posters to advertise your intent and what exactly you will be giving. Encourage those who need it to come forward at a given time, place to receive their gifts – or request for bank details. 
  2. Give different items – people need different things. Some many need food while others need self-care items – like soap, cream, deodorants, etc. Think widely on different items they may need and not just,  food. Perhaps, when finding those who need help you may want to ask them to list what they need help with. Or state clearly what help you are rendering so that the right people may step forward.
  3. Package properly: Package and seal items securely and neatly – give in a dignified way. Put yourself in their shoes. Most people probably would be better off than you before the pandemic. So treat people with dignity. 
  4. Offer them jobs/businesses: The most affected are self-employed at this time. You may consider buying their services – especially if the services or products they offer may not put them or you in danger of getting exposed to the virus. Order books by your friends,  register with their online classes, make donations through their PayPal accounts – you may not need permission to do so. Subscribe to their online services. Visit their website and or share their businesses, recommend their services to your contacts. Engage with their business-related posts. 
  5. Make an open offer – Eg: Offer to help with shopping for parents with young children. Offer to do the shopping for frontline professionals. Offer to send out items to a certain group of people – this way, they see it as offer given to their group not because they’re seen as vulnerable. 
  6. Share phone tops or offer to pay for electricity or gas top-ups. This can be done by requesting electricity metre numbers during registrations without asking for their names. Or you could share phone top-up numbers openly so that those with the networks of the numbers you shared could take them without making contact with you. 


Do you have any more ideas? Share them in the comment section. 

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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