September 13, 2020

Isreal Becomes the First Country to Go on a Second full blown Covid19 lockdown.

Israel Announces 3-week Nationwide Coronavirus Lockdown as a result of soaring cases of the novel coronavirus cases "with an option that it will be extended” PM Netanyahu said
May 18, 2020
Ty, Ben Chijioke

The Legacy of TY Chijioke Nigerian British Rapper who died from Covid19.

“He spoke of his experience of living with a white family when he was little ( apparently it was quite common in the 70s for some immigrant families to send their children to live with white adopted families for a few years whilst they adjusted to UK life). A story that was also captured in his appearance on a Channel 4 News show in 2019, where it was stated that he spent most of his young age in a foster home. He also spoke on how he entered into the UK music industry, what it was like as a Nigerian man growing up in a time when it was not popular to be African.” 
April 25, 2020
creative ways to help the vulnerable on lockdown

Creative Ways To Help The Most Vulnerable During the Covid19 Lockdown.

Even as many are eager to help out, it becomes extremely difficult to reach those who need your help the most without making them feel exposed or embarrassed. This may become a great challenge hindering so many from reaching out and helping as many people as they would wish to help. Therefore, it time to get creative in your charitable giving.
April 22, 2020

Nigeria inches towards its first thousand cases of Coronavirus.

Yesterday, tuesday 21 April, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control reported 117 more new cases of #COVID19 taking the countries reported cases to 782, 25 deaths and […]