December 9, 2020

Ready To Shake Up The Industry, Stylist, Dionne Smith Launches An Afro-textured Type 4 hair Training Doll.

"Ebony, however, appeals to everyone really: professional stylists who are really keen to learn how to style Afro hair, hair influencers who are trying to up their game, and even parents who want to learn how to style their daughters’/sons’ hair without any fuss. I’m really proud of Ebony. I really think this product will provide everyone with the chance to practice styling Afro hair, and crucially, people can learn at their own pace”.
June 22, 2020
Aaron Wallace

Aaron Wallace, the UK’s First Grooming Brand For Black Men.

With great care and grooming, black men are inspired and encouraged to be and look the best they can be with natural hair and beard care products that contain only the best toxic-free ingredients. The Aaron Wallace brand continues to promote healthy hair and beard growth through their 3-step-system for black men
April 11, 2019
Design Essentials

Design Essentials and Divas of Colour make clear stand on sexual abuse at this year’s festival.

Design Essentials Hair Care Systems on the catwalk in support of Divas of Colour Festival’s sexual abuse campaign.