June 19, 2020
Jenica Leah

Jenica Leah’s Story Living With Sickle Cell and Her Book, My Friend Jen Series.

“There were times when I would know that there were certain things I could not do, but I didn't really know why a lot of my complications from sickle cell didn't really come until I was a little bit older. After surviving a stroke at the age of 13, and then I had to stop having blood transfusions, that was the start of my journey living with an invisible illness, needing a hip replacement at the age of 25 and experiencing a number of other complications caused by sickle cell, I was motivated to make a change for the next generation."
May 18, 2020
Ty, Ben Chijioke

The Legacy of TY Chijioke Nigerian British Rapper who died from Covid19.

“He spoke of his experience of living with a white family when he was little ( apparently it was quite common in the 70s for some immigrant families to send their children to live with white adopted families for a few years whilst they adjusted to UK life). A story that was also captured in his appearance on a Channel 4 News show in 2019, where it was stated that he spent most of his young age in a foster home. He also spoke on how he entered into the UK music industry, what it was like as a Nigerian man growing up in a time when it was not popular to be African.” 
April 22, 2020
Covid19 Fallen Black NHS workers.

In Memory of Fallen Black Frontline Healthcare Professionals in the fight against Covid19.

Most of these professionals came over here in the UK looking for greener pastures. Some of them are their families breadwinners and only hope both here and at their country homes. Some of them died in active services not counted or valued as a bonafide citizen of this country - the UK, yet they died giving their all. We will remember them.
April 3, 2020

Aba, Nigeria’s industrial City Moves To Solve Country’s Mask Shortage.

Designers and businesses in Nigeria’s industrial city, Aba, Abia State have moved quickly in the mass production of masks in the bid to combat Nigeria’s supply […]