Joining the Mass Mob Against Kanye is Mental Slavery.

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May 2, 2018

Kanye WestDear Black people,
Joining the mass mob against Kanye is Mental Slavery.

As a people who have suffered for so long, one would expect we treat each other with care and love, we listen to each other to understand.
Kanye West has always been a free thinker, outspoken and someone who likes to have different view as he tries to uncover his own understanding of a situation. It’s quite unfortunate that my Black people will join the mass mob to want to lynch him for a clip of piece of video that’s been heavily edited showing no context or after expressions of explaining himself. This attitude of the people being so quick and So angry as to mob their own all the time is the ‘slavery choice’ we still make today as a people. I’ll always say, if you don’t understand Kanye, ask him to explain. If you understand and don’t agree then disagree without joining the mob.
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There are so many things going on in the community that needs fixing for which we continue to ignore but needs serious resolve on. For example, we talk of ; extreme poverty in our communities, gun and knife crime going on in our communities yet, we collectively have failed to come together with such passion to fix it. Blacks are the only people that are continually being told to buy from each other. Anything, from media, events, products , etc being done by and for Black people , they will always ignore and undervalue. This has been a known epidermic. That is ‘slavery by choice’ in this day and age if I’m asked.
If you truly want to understand the choice Africans made in being sold as slaves, then research on how some community leaders and people conieved with the slave merchants to sell their own people. I’ll urge you to listen to this interview with the leader of an opposition party in present day DR Congo. Till date, African leaders have continued to sell their citizens cheaply to any bidders. What Blacks all over the world don’t understand is, what happens in the present Africa has a direct effect on how they’re treated globally. There’s no runni g away from your roots and the truth. Until, Africans and a is accept their role and errors in their own enslavement, we will continue to beat about the bush.

We collectively owe it to our ancestors, those who fought back and died painful deaths, we owe them the homage of finding out where we got it so wrong and begin now to face our situation squarely. This is not something you can achieve by dragging one another leaving out the real issues facing us as a people.

Every well meaning black person should and must have his/her eyes on Africa right now and not all these distractions they want you to focus on. We must stay vigilant and be selective of what we consume because we have been here before and history can tell us how it didnt taste very good for us as a people. Be careful what bandwagon you jump onto. Who is beating the drum you’re dancing to?

For your information, if care is not taken, the Asias are already positioning to re-enslave Africans and the Caribbean. If you don’t know it, the fight is already on going on who will take over Africa’s resources and people again. And that fight is between the West and China and it’s allies. You better pay attention and listen carefully to what Kanye is trying to open your eyes to.

How many Black successful celebrities, personalities and leaders feel the need to interact with the lower people? How often do we take on the real oppressors to take them down as we quickly do with a brother or sister. Are we so brainwashed as to take our frustrations on each other?

The media wants you to believe that Kanye is Mentally unstable and for a fact, they don’t need to work hard to convince you at that as you already working harder and faster to do their job. When you read a side of a story do you ask to see the other side? When you watch a clip, do you ask to see the full conversation as to understand?

What if in actual fact he is indeed going through a mental breakdown how on earth does dehumanizing him help him heal? I see all you who campaign for mental health awareness joint the bandwagon to denigrate him. When has mental illness become a thing to mob people for. Kanye is not the problem the media and the black population who give them undiluted loyalty and audience to their own peril are the problem. There are several more important issues that needs reporting to benefit the black communities which are rarely heard. Why thus distraction you may wish to ask?

My dear black people we need to learn to hold back in criticising your own. Listen and pay attention. Ask yourself, the opinion I have is it truly mine or am I just acting out another person’s script?

For your information. I’m not a fan of Kanye and do not agree to everything he says.

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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