We all love a good spending spree now and again where we indulge on impulse purchases. But how do you know when your spending is starting to get out of control? Take a look at our checklist to find out if you are a shopaholic.

Clothing still has the tags on

It seemed like a good idea to buy all of these items at the time as you pictured all of the outfits you would create and the occasions you would wear them to. But now these pieces just sit in your wardrobe forgotten about.

You buy things that you really didn’t need or intend to purchase

When you’re out shopping it is easy to get distracted by things that you don’t really need and you end up going home with five candles, two pairs of trainers and a phone case when you only really when out to get a pair of jeans.

Buying things gives you a rush of adrenaline

When you pick up an item and take it to the till you feel a rush of excitement as you complete your purchase. It is said that your brain releases a rush of chemicals that are linked with pleasure and this rush can become addictive. A while after buying something you want, that rush wears off and you end up having to make another purchase to feel that thrill again.

You end up feeling remorse

You don’t have to have made a big purchase to feel this way; it could even be after sale shopping. You see you credit card bill and regret all of your spending but you find a way to rationalise each item.

You hide new purchases

You are buying so many new items from stores and online that you end up having to hide things all over the house where you think they won’t be found. These pieces make an appearance weeks later when you think their presence will go unnoticed. This is probably the biggest sign you are a shopaholic.