Cronyism: A cancer to business growth

CA Awards 2017 finalists
CA Awards 2017 finalists
September 3, 2017
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September 3, 2017

We all want to succeed in our various businesses but there are so many factors to consider especially when giving tasks or appointments to people who would work for you. I am sure you do not want your business to crash easily. I know most businesses are faced with challenges and issues like copyright infringement, intellectual dishonesty, poor management, and so on. Well, a serious cancer eating deep into the fabric of every business and even the nation at large is called CRONYISM. According to Wikipedia, Cronyism is the practice of partiality in awarding jobs and other advantages to friends or trusted colleagues, especially in politics and between politicians and supportive organizations.”

Now the big question is: should cronyism be allowed in our businesses? Some people will say yes and others might say no. Bear in mind that the main emphasis is on giving appointments or positions to relatives or friends who do not deserve it, i.e. they are incompetent and lack the business acumen or skills to handle the position. Is it actually okay to bring in your friends and family into your business even when they are not fit for that business position? What would be your honest answer to this? Now cronyism is almost like favoritism, nepotism and what Nigerians will term as “man-know-man.” Cronyism has pervaded into all sections and strata of business dealings, social ventures, academic institutions, religious institutions, and even during social occasions. You might think that you are doing your brother or sister or friend something good but in reality you are neither helping them nor your business.

Reasons why you should avoid cronyism in your business:

1. Cronyism promotes indolence, disrespect, and mediocrity. Imagine employing a friend or sibling who is not fit for a job, he or she will end up wrecking your business. I bet you are not ready for any setback, disappointment, ignominy or fiasco in your business.

2. It creates room for an entitlement mentality. Cronies begin to expect something for nothing; the expectation that they can get something with little or no effort and believing that you as the employer owes them something. We all know how problematic it can be working with lazy people who have an entitlement mentality.

3. At the point when friends and relatives who are unmistakably not the best qualified people are put in high position, destructive disregard for business goals diminishes the objectives and growth of the business. Disregard, zoilism, kibitzing, and the incessant display of lackadaisical attitude toward work will become a typical mindset for them.

4. Cronyism even kills the brain power of these incompetent friends or relatives, as they seldom take things seriously and tend to project futilitarianism when they cannot handle difficult task in the working environment. They complain and murmur all the time; they become easily defeated and resort to pessimism. Nobody wants to employ someone who is a wet blanket and a futilitaranian in their business. So think deeply before you ever think of engaging in cronyism.

4. Cronyism can affect your business negatively; lower yields, bad image in the public, slow or no business growth and improvement, etc.

In the general population circle, cronyism actually undermines the benefit of everyone. When somebody is conceded a position as a result of friends and relatives as opposed to, in light of the fact that he or she has the best capability and experience, the administration and services that the individual renders to people in general might be sub-par. Let us learn and start to encourage impartiality and give employments, business opportunities, contracts, scholarships, promotions and accolades to those who deserve it.
SAY NO TO CRONYISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brenda C. McWilson
Brenda C. McWilson
Brenda is a Self-esteem and Confidence expert; Human interactions and personal growth enthusiast. She is a graduate from the University of Manitoba with a Bsc. in Psychology and Biological Sciences. Brenda is a writer who seeks to connect with the reader by using humour, sarcasm, and a touch of Nigerianese in her writings.