Getting ahead, here is your A to Z.

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August 31, 2017
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September 3, 2017
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The A – Z of getting ahead.

Future is more important than the past, but we see a lot of people get stuck with the past. Getting ahead in life involves learning to change our habits. The A – Z of getting ahead is incredibly important. Being willing to learn something new will make a difference. What self – limiting beliefs are you going to change?

A is for Arrogance.
The say pride comes be a fall. The world is divided between the learners and non-learners. Arrogance does not give room for one to learn and be transformed. Superiority does not make for success. And being cynical is the worst.

B is blunder:
Making careless mistakes. Act or speak clumsily is bad. Though certain mistakes are essentials like natural vulnerability, that we often hide. We don’t need to blow it out of proportion. Where mistakes are made, learn not punish people harshly for mistakes. Don’t be fastidious.

C is conduct:
Be professional. Don’t argue. Don’t take things personal. Be objective and proactive. Don’t blame others for your problem. Take responsibility. Extreme defensiveness is bad. Creativity and productivity get crushed when the environment is that of credit and blame.

D is for deliver:
Delivering transcends all relationship. Ability to do what you promise engenders trust. Do not promise what you cannot deliver. Under promise and over deliver.

E is eating:
We’re what we eat. Food is essential and don’t comment on others’ dietary habits. Food foster intimacy and allow conversation to flow naturally. Sitting face to face, sharing your experience is great.

F is for flirting.
Never flirt. I love this; “You realize of course that we could never be friends… No man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her…” – When Harry Met Sally.
Seductive attire not good in office. You could irritate your colleagues.

G is for Gossip:
Colleagues will talk of the time they saw you serenaded to you female colleague. Don’t mix business with pleasure. Don’t immerse yourself in office gossip, it causes row and serious misunderstanding. Rumour and denying are evidence of secret activities.

H is for honesty:
What people intend on the inside does not always show on the outside. Have courage to say what is in your mind and what you stand for. Say what you do and do what you say.

I is for internet:Internet is like a shop. You must have a list of what you want to purchase, otherwise you end up the den of lions. It is about working out what you want to achieve and matching it with opportunity you have. It is opportunity to engage with clients and customers and to showcase your brand.

J is for jokes:
Jokes and humour are good to the heart but could be dangerous if applied wrongly like a wrong medicine. They say don’t open a shop if you cannot smile. Smiles and jokes make the heart glad. We can’t be friends with everyone but we be friendly with everyone.

K is keenness:
Enthusiasm and energy are important in your work. It takes energy to connect with another person. People give away energy by making the other person responsible for them. Anticipate client’s needs that is the essence of branding.

L is listen:
Listening is one of the most important ways to demonstrate that we value the person that we are with.You must listen more than you talk. Be supportive.

M is for mood:
It could be dangerous. Colleagues could be mystified and shock with anyone who exhibits such behaviour, otherwise you may get verbal caution from your boss.

N is for nosiness.
Remember your boundaries don’t be a wild child.

O is over-familiarity:
Anything that is familiar is hard to recognise. Don’t be too familiar less you become common. Be connected because relationship is so important

P is for patience:
Patience is a powerful virtue. Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you’re waiting.

Q is for question:
People could be uncanny, with twisted philosophy, show caution and question everything.

R is for respect:
Respect is finding value in what you have. Respect is what keeps relationship smoothly. It is a two – process and you must return it to the other.

S is for sex:
Sex is great, relationships are great. Office romance is dangerous, the leave people cringing with embarrassment. Sexually overt and covert contact is not ideal. It makes you blind to reality and make your colleague jealous. It throw your marriage into turmoil.

T is for tea:
Know the difference between tea time and tea break. Busyness comes to us in different way. When we are busy we are less creative and innovative.

U is for under-dressed:
Better to be overdressed than to be underdressed.

V is visionary.
Great people are passionate about their work and they push boundaries.

W is for Wavering:
You must be unwavering, Resolute and immovable in your believe. Disappointment are not meant to destroy you. They are meant to strengthen you to give you fortitude to accomplish your dream. Practice makes perfect

X is for x – rated:
Know what you should do after hours only. Keep your unconscious bias with in your closet at home. It makes business miss out on the best talent.

Y is yawning:
Never a good look. Sending out mixed signals and giving strange opinion.

Z is for Zzzz:
Never at your desk. Keep professional morale high. Imagination is your tool. One person’s bread is another person’s toast