The Eye Makeup Products You Need This Season

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Your eye makeup can set the tone of your whole look whether that is a classic cat eye or something a bit more outrageous. This season it is all about creating bold, statement looks. So with this in mind we have put together a few pieces that you need to add to your makeup bag.

Blue Eyeshadow

We feel like everyone in the 80s and 90s wore blue eyeshadow and if you didn’t wear it to school who were you? This season you need to forget about worrying how neatly you apply the eyeshadow. It’s more about washing it over your lids without being too precise. It should have a relaxed look which is what keeps this trend looking fresh.


Forget about mermaids and fairies as this spring glitter has got a much edgier vibe about it. The idea is to go for a much grungier, punk look. This means it doesn’t matter if it all gets clumped up in your lashes, it is supposed to look like that. Think of glitter as more of an accessory to your style rather than another item of makeup.


There is a lot more to black eye liner than just a simple ( is it really that simple to do) cat eye flick. It is all about stepping it up a gear and really creating a stand out style. If you’re looking for a new take on the cat eye then try starting in the centre of your eye for a more disconnected look. Graphic liner is still a big trend. Also think about the negative space rather than just the line you are creating. An eye liner pen will help you to draw the shape you are after, straight onto your face. Feel free to experiment between a sharp, detailed style and something a whole lot messier.


Gemma Dorling
Gemma Dorling
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