No. Lord Sugar, you resemble the European peadophiles at Marbella beach

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June 22, 2018
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June 22, 2018

As millions of Africans celebrate the first African country to win their match at the 2018 world cup, British ‘Sir’ and millionaire businessman saw it fit to make a derogratory ‘joke’ about the team.

The member of House of UK Lords took a picture of the team made up of world class professionals and only thing that came to his mind was to boys hawking sunglasses in the Marbella beach. And anyone who can’t see the racism embedded in this one tweet must have a very good look at themselves.

No Lord Sugar, what I really see when I see you is those old European sex tourists peadophile hags exploiting young boys and girls at beaches across Africa and Thailand. In fact for you to ha e recognised any of the sunglasses sellers makes it even more belieavble that you must have used one of them. That is the better joke to crack Lord Sugar.

How dare you disparage an entire team and have the guts to dismiss it as a joke? It is not a joke Mr Sugar. Own up who you are and we can seriously know what we’re dealing with.

People like you who are so poor that the only thing you have is money are responsible for all the ills of this world. You continue to perpetrate such evils into a world that is for everyone and no one just to continue your centuries of oppression. Unfortunately this era will not tolerate people like you and will not let history forget who exactly you are – racist.

If we have any fairness at all, you would have been sacked from your position in BBC and striped of your peerage. But no, Britain on its own has its history tied with old hags lime yourself. That is why you and your cohorts can’t see your disrespect of other people.

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu
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