Weight loss
Three short Mind Exercises For Losing Weight.
June 17, 2020
Healthy foods
Superfoods that give sustainable blood sugar levels & energy and their specific benefits.
June 17, 2020
Healthy foods,

Part 3: Mindset for Losing Weight Series By Personal Change Expert – Gillian Dalgliesh.

There are loads of easily accessible information on the internet with regards to healthy eating, however below I have listed some that are important to me:

Intermittent Fasting/Time Restricted Eating

Giving your body a break from constant digestion enables it to have enough time to repair & rejuvenate and supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.  Our diets can dramatically change our gut microbe communities and this not only influences our health & happiness, but studies have shown that our gut health affects our mental health.  It may also influence our immune function, inflammation, allergies, metabolism & appetite.

Studies have also revealed that Intermittent Fasting is safe & incredibly effective, however, there is a growing body of research that suggests that the timing of the fast is the key!  Interested in finding out more?    Have a look at this Harvard Medical School article.

Alternatively, if Fasting/TRE is not for you, then:

Don’t skip breakfast – food is fuel and without fuel you are running down your own internal systems & resources.

Don’t skip meals – Eating regularly means your mind and your body can work more effectively.  An additional benefit is that your blood levels won’t get so low that you feel the need to snack on something naughty!

Try to get your optimum hours of sleep at night – Your body does a lot of its detoxing during the night, so it’s important to give it enough time & energy to do this.

Reduce the toxic load in your food – Replace processed sugars & white foods (like bread, flour & rice) with wholemeal versions.  Stay clear of sweeteners, diet foods & drinks.  

Drink plenty of water – 2/3 litres per day

Increase your intake of probiotic foods & drinks – e.g. sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, kombucha or take a really good multi-strain probiotic supplement.  There is a clinically proven link between gut health & mental health.  Probiotic bacteria help the body to eliminate toxins and balance good & bad bacteria & yeasts in the gut.

When eating meat & dairy, try to opt for organic versions so that you will be absorbing fewer toxins

If you don’t understand the ingredients list in food, avoid it.  Strange words on labels usually mean chemicals.

And here is a list of what I call my …

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