September 7, 2020
CA Awards 2020

Nomination Re-Opens For Virtual CA Awards 2020.

The UK’s only Creativity and Arts award returns for the 2020 edition. Due to covid19 pandemic, this year’s awards ceremony will be held virtually. The award […]
June 19, 2020

Tough Talk: DR Congo, Decades of Conflicts, displacement and The Future.

Today on Tough Talk, we focus on decades of abuse, rape, and conflicts in DRC with Mr Christian Malanga, a Congolese politician, businessman and former officer. Founder and president of United Congolese Party, (UCP).
June 19, 2020

#Toughtalk: Racism, Police brutality and BLM – UK perspective.

UK perspective of Racism, Police brutality and gangs in the wake of George Floyd's brutal murder by Police in the US with Marilyn and Faustina on C. Hub Magazine - #Toughtalk With Guest Marilyn Devonish.
June 16, 2019

British Artist Labrinth releases new single – Miracle after 7 years.

Labrinth - Miracle: Makes you Realise How Much You've Missed Great Music. Labrinth has just released his first solo song “Miracle” after 7 years, on June 7th. The first since his platinum selling album “Electronic Earth” in 2012.