How you can profit from your passion. Congratulations, you have finally found your passion. You’ve mastered it and you are ready to profit from it!

I have heard this question so many times that it is beginning to stick, ‘how can one profit from his or her passion?’

Profiting from your passion simply means monetizing your passion or getting people to pay you to do what you love doing. 

What do you love doing? Writing, singing, sewing, designing, etc.? 

How can you get people tp pay you for doing it?

Here are some things you need to note:

  1.       Master it: if you have not mastered it, you need to ensure that you master it. Learn more things about it; read books on it, take a course to know more about it. It is when you master it that people or clients will know that you are good at what you do. Find out some ways you can get better at what you do, and then get better at it.
  2.       Ask questions: ask questions from people who do the kind of things you do. Ask them questions on different aspects of it. The learning aspect, getting clients, marketing aspect, and so on. Don’t be too proud to ask questions. 
  3.      Let people know: tell people what you do. Tell your friends and families what you do, show them how you are good at what you do. You never can tell who you might be referred to, or who your first customer may be. And so, promote yourself through different channels that you can.
  4.       What void are you filling?: when marketing yourself, one of the things you need to accentuate is telling people how you can be of help and the gap you are trying to fill in your industry. And so, think about it critically, what void are you filling? Why should people patronize you instead of soemone else? How can you be of help to them?
  5.       Research: research, research, and research. Learn all you can about your area of industry so that you will know the things you ought to do to get more traction in your industry. Attend useful seminars, read good books, and so on. In addition, try to find out the places you can get more clients. Is there a website you can list your services on that you will be able to get more clients, do you need to attend exhibitions, etc. You need to research about these key areas as well.


What do you do? What is your passion? Do you care to share with us in the comments section below?