5 Out of the Startups Making Nigeria Proud

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June 5, 2017
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June 5, 2017

Startups are springing up everywhere. When you do a simple search online, you will be amazed at how many startups have come up between the beginning of the year and now.

Think of something…cleaning your house? Doing laundry? Watching your weight? Guess what? There are apps for all these and much more.

Startups are helping us solve different problems one at a time, and Africans especially are grateful for these.

With that in mind, here are some of the startups making Nigeria proud:

  1. Tolet.com.ng: do you need to find an appropriate apartment for yourself or an office space for your new business? Tolet.com.ng is a real estate property centre platform in Nigeria where you can find property for rent and sales. The co-founders of this startup are Fikayo Ogundipe, Sulaiman Balogun, Dapo Eludire and Seyi Ayeni. In 2016, tolet.com.ng raised $1.2 million in a Series A funding round led by Frontier Digital Ventures.


Co-founders of Tolet.com.ng
Photo Credit: Ventures Africa

2. Tuteria: Tuteria is an online platform to get tutors who can teach various subjects, skills, and topics you want to learn. The platform helps you to easily connect with tutors who can teach you various skills and subjects you want. The founder of Tuteria is Godwin Benson, and he won the £25,000 ($32,000) prize from UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering on engineering innovation.

Founder of Tuteria – Godwin Benson
Photo Credit: Nigerian Watch

3. Kangpe.com: this is an online platform where you easily find a doctor for different healthcare services. According to Kangpe, you can find and book an appointment with any Doctor/Specialist in whatever location you are in Nigeria in less than 5 working days. You also have the opportunity to ask real doctors your health questions and get them answered within a matter of minutes.

Dr. Femi Kuti, Co-founder and CEO of Kangpe Healthcare Services
Photo Credit: Twitter

4. Hotels.ng: on hotels.ng, you can easily book hotels in Nigeria online, and get help and support for your booking process. In addition, you can also get reviews and recommendation of different hotels on the website.

Founder and CEO of hotels.ng, Mark Essien
Photo Credit: Bellanaija

5. Supermart.ng: on supermart.ng you can shop for groceries and things you can find in a typical supermarket. You can purchase different items such as general groceries, fresh produce, beauty products, etc. According to supermart.ng, it partners with some of the biggest supermarkerts and retailers such as Park N Shop, Spar, 9 to 7 Supermarket, Nars Supermarket, etc. Raphael Afaedor and Gbolahan Fagbure are the Co-founders of supermart.ng.

Co-founders of Supermat.ng, Raphael Afaedor and Gbolahan Fagbure
Photo Credit: Supermart.ng

Do you know other startups you would like us to feature, kindly drop your thoughts below.

Ayishat Amoo
Ayishat Amoo
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