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Life of purpose

Living a purpose driven life: Why are you here?
Life of purpose
Have you ever sat down to think about your purpose in life or better still why you are alive at this time and at this age? Are you of the notion that you are here to probably get an education, a job, pay bills and die? Maybe it is time to have a rethink.

I remember back in Secondary School there was a time where a book titled ‘Purpose Driven Life’ was very popular amongst students and I remember there was one girl in my dormitory who was very serious about it. She practically always had it in her hands. I used to wonder what all that farce was about.

Fast forward to about a year ago, I started thinking deeply about the reason I am on this earth. I mean even with us human beings, everything we create and use has a purpose for which it was made. For instance, we have invented telephones for communication purposes, as well as cars for easier transportation, clothes to cover our nakedness, houses to serve as a confinement where we could lay our heads among others. In fact, let us take a house for example, why would one (especially in these recent times where the economy is very tough) just waste money in buying a plot of land, employ workers to start a foundation and then commence the construction of the house FOR NO REASON OR PURPOSE. I mean even the richest man wouldn’t do that….at least he would want to put his money into profitable use though he has it in abundance.

Likewise, we human beings have a CREATOR (forget all those ridiculous stories about the Big Bang and Evolution of Man from an Ape like Animal and what have you). This creator surely had a purpose for us when he made us. I mean if the inanimate objects we human beings create have purposes then how much more won’t we ourselves have purposes for which we have been brought forth to this earth. I mean we were created on the last day of creation and I am sure God saved the best of all his creations for the last so He would have adequate time to complete EVERYTHING in style.

So back to the story I started with of the ‘Purpose Driven Life’ just summarises the fact that firstly there is a PURPOSE attached to life and subsequently that purpose MUST drive or guide a person’s life. As simple as it may seem, it is a quite complex concept and sadly many people are miles away from their purpose and chasing after things they have been told they are supposed to pursue or things that look good to the eye which could be in the form of degrees, relationships, careers and so on. I think that is the most dangerous thing ever yet little attention is paid to that. Let’s take parts of the body into consideration, imagine your arms doing the talking or your ears breathing instead of your nose you will be scared right? I mean that is not its rightful job. But funny enough it is not scary that somebody who is supposed to be a teacher finds himself working in a bank and does not consider that SCARY enough. I mean all that matters is the money right because on average many people are much more concerned about their incomes and care less about whether or not they are ACTUALLY enjoying it.

The thing is, when you serve a different purpose other than what you were created to do, you automatically prevent someone else from fulfilling theirs. So, it’s like a ripple effect. So back to my example, someone who was probably supposed to be taking the position you have at the bank finds him or herself doing something else. Just because of one person’s mistake or should I say inability to identify their God given purpose. But you see, to identify one’s purpose too is not as easy as knowing the purpose of the things we human beings create for ourselves. I mean some people are born with extra ordinary talents such as singing, dancing, painting, acting, playing football among others. Others too are academically gifted. That is talent and NOT purpose. The difference is simple. Your talent might be singing well but the purpose that heavenly or succulent voice is supposed to serve is probably to draw someone towards God or to inspire people but when you end up addressing your singing or should I say song to the wrong audience you have missed your purpose. Sadly, many people might have started out doing the right things regarding their purpose but have been snatched by the pursuits of money, fame, power and what have you.

How then do I know my purpose or better still know it and fulfil it accordingly. Know the Creator. Knowing God as the Creator is different from knowing of. It may sound cliché but the more you draw closer to your maker, he continues to lead you to your purpose. It may not be an easy ride as you may have to try out some few things along the way, be told NO severally, fall and rise again few times among others but that is all part of the growth purpose. How you get to your purpose may also be dependent of how BIG your purpose is. Yes, some people’s purposes are bigger than others….and that is how it is. If the road seems tough and thoughts of quitting sets in like it always would and has, just remember how your mum had to carry you in her womb for 9 months and for some over that. The pain and struggles she had to overcome….I mean she had an option (you may disagree) but still thought the product which is YOU is worth all that struggle. So, imagine how the product (YOUR PURPOSE) will be worth it if you draw closer to God, stay under HIS feet and allow him to teach and direct you towards YOUR PURPOSE.

P.S I have recently started to discover my purpose and I am loving it. I mean there is this innate peace and satisfaction when you find that thing which comes easily to you whilst making an impact in your audience’s life in a positive way. Truthfully it is WORTH it though it has been a long way coming! You can find yours too!

Gertrude Asumadu
Gertrude Asumadu
I am Gertrude Asumadu, an ambitious young lady who desires to make an impact in everything I do. I love aspiring for more, even if I have more than enough.